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  1. We need to make more visual presentations to sell energos to our clients this software is an example
  2. Just add spaces on space planning set a wall height, include in energos calculations as walls and slabs
  3. its so stupid all of these years an i can NOT use radial dimension on viewports UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
  4. yes and after 3 years is not EXPORTING LIGHTS ON SYMBOLS with version 2017
  5. i wish vectorworks could provide us with simple 2d lattice examples, i tried to do a basic one based on de webinar tutorials but i can´t rotate or scale polygons or clip the surface
  6. here where i can´t see anything
  7. does any one knows how to do a brick wall hatch like this
  8. 3 NEW FEATURE SUGESTIONS FOR FAST DRAWING 1.- An amazing feature i saw in another cad to draw very fast is the possibility of input numerical data on info palette with 2 clicks just like the way is done when you input the current distance on scaling objects bot you can do it for EVERYTHING!!! 2.- I insists toggle auto join walls must be on the main window also toggle group view and line thickness 3.- the attributes palette should be in info palette with possibility of making object all class attributes
  9. i can not believe it works with slab but not with walls not even on 2014 and art5
  10. internal error - general failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (Failure on attempt to open file) me too on 2014 [/img]
  11. it?s solved on vw2013 or 2014 you can use screen plane to change it
  12. artlantis plug in 2014 is not exporting lights inside symbols
  13. a new interface is urgent 1.- integrate attributes on info pallet with tabs 2.- fast buttons for AUTO JOIN WALLS for example 3.- multiple window view 4.- a totally black interface with black palletes is better for eyes 5.- and easy to find resources pallete
  14. not working these works Toggle "Zoom line thickness" SetPref(9, NOT GetPref(9)); { toggle zoom-line } Toggle "Black and white only" SetPref(10, NOT GetPref(10)); { black and white only } Toggle "Show Other Objects While In Group" SetPref(14, NOT GetPref(14)); { Show Other Objects While In Group } Toggle "Use Black Background" SetPref(16, NOT GetPref(16)); { Use Black Background } Toggle "Use Sound" SetPref(18, NOT GetPref(18)); { Use Sound } Toggle "Compiler mode" SetPref(407, NOT GetPref(407)); { toggle zoom-line } [edit]