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    VW 2015 FEATURES
  1. we need an energos rendering mode to do presentations like this
  2. we need an energos rendering mode to do presentations like this
  4. on vectorworks 2017 you have to do de sp3 update on 2016 you have to add the tool on the workspace
  5. We need to make more visual presentations to sell energos to our clients this software is an example
  6. Just add spaces on space planning set a wall height, include in energos calculations as walls and slabs
  7. its so stupid all of these years an i can NOT use radial dimension on viewports UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
  8. yes and after 3 years is not EXPORTING LIGHTS ON SYMBOLS with version 2017
  9. i wish vectorworks could provide us with simple 2d lattice examples, i tried to do a basic one based on de webinar tutorials but i can´t rotate or scale polygons or clip the surface
  10. here where i can´t see anything
  11. does any one knows how to do a brick wall hatch like this
  12. 3 NEW FEATURE SUGESTIONS FOR FAST DRAWING 1.- An amazing feature i saw in another cad to draw very fast is the possibility of input numerical data on info palette with 2 clicks just like the way is done when you input the current distance on scaling objects bot you can do it for EVERYTHING!!! 2.- I insists toggle auto join walls must be on the main window also toggle group view and line thickness 3.- the attributes palette should be in info palette with possibility of making object all class attributes
  13. i can not believe it works with slab but not with walls not even on 2014 and art5
  14. internal error - general failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (Failure on attempt to open file) me too on 2014 [/img]