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  1. I am having this issue with one particular Viewport (ortho/perspective), rendering FinalQuality w/ Hidden Line. It gets stuck (beach ball) in the "convert" phase of the rendering & I have to Force-Quit. If I omit the Hidden Line aspect, it renders fine, just slow. Other Viewports of the same model with the same settings render fine.
  2. Looks like using "File>Open" will work! (Dragging the icon and changing the file info don't work) Thank you very much.
  3. Okay great! What's the trick? Right now I'm unable to open a couple of *.mcd files.
  4. I'm wondering if I should be able to open *.mcd files created on a PC with my Mac. I'm guessing not...
  5. Would someone from Vectorworks please respond to this question? I'm sure this "work-around" is not what you had in mind.
  6. Could someone from Vectorworks please respond? This a Mac OS X. (We did happen to delete most foreign language fonts) Is there a setting to adjust?
  7. In VW 12.5 (OS X) when I create a PDF by using Export>PDF, every "tab" space in my text boxes is printed as a visible box or a box w/ an 'x'. (I noticed this when I got the prints back from the print shop.) This doesn't happen when I create PDF's thru the Mac OS X print dialogue.
  8. Okay....! That's kind of odd - but it worked! Thanks so much for the reply.
  9. Those shortcuts can still be edited in the Workspace Editor>Menus>View. Your default workspace may have been reset when you upgraded.
  10. I've selected "No" & I'm not able to change the appearance of the window. Usually it's possible to change line weights after creation even if I "use at creation"
  11. The windows are in class "Windows-main" Do you mean the "use at creation" option?
  12. Since I upgraded from 12.1 to 12.5: When I edit old windows and doors or install new ones, the object changes to one line weight (the class style). The "part line style" box is checked and each part has a different line weight selected, but that doesn't affect how the object displays. What am I missing?


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