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  1. Hallo, I'm facing a Problem, with the Camera View. I made a Model, with 2 d Geometry of sections projected as Elevations in a Model, to get something like a Fake 3d View. When I work in the Design Layer everything looks as expected. When I switch to a Camera View in Wireframe, I get the Geometry mirrored around a point in the Center of the horizon. Any Ideas how to avoid that? This also happens. if I have some pdf's as a drawing base. Horst M.
  2. Thats a good one. may be its a reversed marketing strategy than in the past. Lower the expectations in advance, so the the shock with the reality is not so hard..
  3. ja, its true. Speed is not a Feature, but without speed features are worthless. Panning zooming and the use of the Flyover tool is very clunky. Even in just halfway Complex scenes. It is high time, that the Open GL Dinosaur, that presented the "Lack of Memory" message is renewed. What Tamsin Presents seems to make VW usable. but I agree: This improvement should have been part of an update. My guess: Tamsin presented that improvement as a her #1, because the daily workflow/usability specially in 3D and panning zooming is now wearying, and if it works in VW2013 like the Video shows, that will be a big relief for almost every moment of using VW. My Hope: There will be a couple of well thought and fully tested and working new features specially in the 3D modeling part. The experience/doubts: New (real) features has always needed 1 or 2 Versions (and therefore Years!) to come close to the expectations caused by the promo. I'm sooo curious.
  4. VW is far from a user friendly modeller. In fact it's modelling capabilities are slow, cumbersome and inacurate (see attached) but most of all, the modelling tools are out-dated and archaic. Thats sooo true and soooo sad. And its also a pitty, that Nemetschek doesn't commit themself and say something about the Future Roadmap of VW. Are we facing huge core Funktion change in this area with VW 2013? given to us in the same beta level as the implementation of C4D Renderer and Parasolids ? .... all we can do is expect hope and workaround. Schade
  5. There has been a Thread about that. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=33078&Number=163797#Post163797 I was hoping nemetschek changed the setting in the Sketchstyles... update: And it looks as if they did. With a samplefile, the Artistic Render Modes seems to "fake" the hidden Line Mode now. Super. Thanks!
  6. Hallo BigDan, Are you trying to get something like the image shows? Its often mentioned in the Forum, that it is a good way, to model as you would built it. You can see, that my first approach lead to something that is not correct, because the Cables are above the Cloth, and should be under it... Let me know, if the image shows something you try to get, and if you want further help in that direction. regards Horst M.
  7. Hallo Michael, seems that there is some confusion with the Viewing Mode and the Axes. Is your Screen set to Top or Top/Plan view, when you type in the distances and execute the Duplicate Array Command? If you post a sample File with the Problem, i would be easier to help.
  8. scared to ask... Could it be, that the OpenGl options are set to low?
  9. Hallo tyhoff, That behaviour could be related to a bug or slopy implementation, of the Plugin, that works togehter with the Parts Record of the Lighting instrument. If the Body of your Lighting Instrument is not perfectly rotational symmetric (like a bucket), you get effects as in your rendering: Light rendered off the beam :-((( See also here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=33988&Number=167546#Post167546
  10. :-) Oh Ja. Soo right. Just that I'm that VW island in an ocean of ACAD. so, besides this Forum and myself, there is nobody around Saying "Did You know..." Thanks again.
  11. Horst M.

    2D Mulch

    http://provetextures.de/boden-holz-mulch-grob-00046-zoom.php http://free-textures.got3d.com/natural/free-mulch-textures/index.html could work as image fill or RW Textures google magic
  12. Thanks mk. I confess, I haven't tried that since .... ? may be because I have my Library and I didn't expect .... Guilty!
  13. Hi. What you try is violation against the holy law of Hybrid Symbols: Never rotate a Hybrid Symbol other than arround the Z-Axis Why? Absolutely no idea. The Way out: - declare yourself guilty - duplicate the Symbol, - rename it - modfy the 3D part inside the new Symbol according your needs. Enjoy the new Symbol. I made a library of TrussTop and Sidelight/Boom Vertical BAR's Symbols that way. .... probably like everbody else...
  14. juhu. If they charge by MB one is bankrupt in a Minute... Guess thats what's called progress :-) Besides that: glad you found the fault. Have fun and take care with your phone
  15. Hi Steve, I was in your position a couple of times, specially when I was communicating with LD's from US, whose Companies for example were invited to a Festival, the "Illegal Copy weblink" popped up... What I want to say is: You are right, its not your business to deal with that Stuff, but I think you are "complaining" to wrong direction. "They" shall supply pdf's, or legal Plans on dwg or vwx. You just can't do your supporting Job, if you don't get proper plans. Which includes that you can open and print supplied Files. In the past I mailed the Weblink to the Supplier of the illegal file, and asked for proper work plans, on pdf, till the problem is solved. I've never ever had any bad response on that. reagards Horst M.
  16. here is the hedge plugin: http://www.vectordepot.com/market/vm-49-siepe-hedge.html
  17. Christiaan, I totally second what Chris D. says in his recent Post. Modell and Rendercheck/workingrenders in VW. Presentation Renders, specially refining Lights and Textures, should be done in C4D. The good think is, that the Export to C4D works, because VW has to that for every RW Image anyway. There could be improvements, but for my experience its reliable I know this causes extra learning of C4D and Investment, but in the End, it opens up new possibilities. And speeds up the process at least for Lights and texturing. Plus: you have sooo many possibilities to tweak your renders with simple settings. Plus: There should be Bunches of young creatives (Students?) out there who can jump in. Besides that construction, precision aka "the Seroius Part oaf the job" stay in VW and the Renderpart, that involves a lot of playing and cheating, is easier in C4D, which is made for such stuff. mho Horst M.
  18. Hi Carl, The duplicated Steps were a mistake. Substituted the FIle above. I also did some improvements on the Cloth, because in the first sketch the Folds looked wired (diagonal).
  19. I guess, the Tablecloth cold be done with the Loft Tool. Horst M.
  20. Hackman, you are using the Custom Stair Tool. The setting peter posted is from the Stair tool. VW has 3 Stair tools. May be you have to get them through editing your workspace. I did some further tests with the Stair tool, and setting the Solid structure thickness very high. As soon as landings are involved, you get funny results. I think you will be much faster just modeling your Stair.
  21. Hi Carl, I used your Chair, started with the Drape tool and did some tweaking... The question is: Is it pretty? ;-)
  22. Hallo Hackman, I also can't change the Mapping as mk suggests, not with the Stair, not with the Custom Stair tool. The Setting its not accessible through the OIP. In the Case you show in your jpeg, I would model the Stair. Its a bunch of Extrudes, that will be easy to manipulate after. If you want to use the Stair Tools, you can try setting the Solid Strcuture thickness very high. It lets the Stair look as you want, and you can independly texture the different Parts.
  23. may be the Problem is from the same corner as Carls recent Post. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=169257#Post169257 Saving custom Symbol librarys from Stock Components, is a mayor issue for Stage-, Event- and Exhibition Industrie, that is clearly adressed by Spotlight Just, that in this Case from within VW the Components and Symbols look perfect. And I tried also a lot of my own and really complex Symbol Libraries without that broken reference issue.
  24. Hallo, I did some tests with Jershauns File. From my understanding everytime, we use Renderworks, VW is (in the backgorund) "Sending to C4D" So. Inside Of VW that process works. Stored to an File, a lot of Jershauns Elements get Exported as Instances without a Reference Object. Therefore, they don't have geometry. The Symbols are really made of simple Elements. One Sphere or 3 Extrudes with 3 LOCI - ungrouping the Parts inside the Symbols didn't help. - Putting all Symbols on one Layer didn't help. Then I duplicated some Symbols ( Space1000L and the connector Ball), Deleted the Geometry inside the duplicate Symbol and drew new Geometry. Then I replaced all the original Symbols by the new drawn duplicates, and the Geometry, and all Instances are exported with correct references. all the Gemotry shows in C4D I would appreciate, if Dave Donely could explore Jershauns File, because That's a very wired effect, and I would like to know what causes that. It can cause "Hours of Work to be lost" Horst M.
  25. Christian, let me explain a bit, why it's not just sentiment. In our Venue, we have o lot of Elements, that I over the Years modeled, to use them in Drawings. I started to model even the whole Buliding with a Lot of detailed Steel geometry. I just cant Start every Year from 0. I have a Masterfile for our Venue, and his one has to Migrate from Year to Year. I hardly can use PIO's for what I do. (May be thats a plus :-) On this Masterfile, I have based easily like 400 Plans from 2003 to now. What else can I do than migrating that Bases over the Years? There is just no other possibility than migrating these Symbol Files from Version to Version. For me its a couple of 100s of MB over the Years, from Stuff that's just there, and reused for each performance in different Setups. I work on this Library since 2003. Some Samples attached. (All The Plattforms Stairs Walls and neven the Fixtures are custom Symbols of our Stock Equipment). This is just to explain why we Performance Guys get frightened when Software is (slightly) uncompatible to itself. And I as I stated before: I actually didn't lose something important like a whole File or other complicated Stuff due to Version Changes. But I have to keep up, and can't Skip a Version Update . So. I would sign in for Service Select immediately If I only could. But thats a different Story. Horst M.
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