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  1. Hallo it has been a while, that I posted something here, because I had to localize Vectorworks. Today I was looking through the release videos that show VW2019 features. ... and found the sequence showing a Truss rigged on a bracing (foto attached) 😳 I love Vectorworks, and with the integration of braceworks and all the other features of the last years VW qualifies for the #1 tool in the entertainment and theatre industry. The image attached, produced for marketing, is a good example, that even the best software does‘nt repalce expertise. And if we try so people will get hurt! But I also think, that even a marketing video should never show such basic and fatal mistakes. Please give us GIZMOs or steelflex Truss adapters in BraceWorks! best Horst
  2. a brief update. since I changed the Pref. Setting as suggested by Zoomer and Jim W. The "ivisible objets within groups" problem didn't happen again. The only negative point of the setting that I realised, is, that the spacenavigator is no longer moving the model in the Camera view live. VW shows just the moving ofthe axis and when I stop operating the Spaceanavigator the Model snaps to the axis. When I first saw that I tought it's a problem with the Spacenavigator driver/setup. but its not. And I have the impression, that open GL render time is a bit longer.
  3. Hallo I've changed the DIsplay-Prefs as suggested, and for a first test it's working. It didn't happen during the last hour with the File that was almost impossible to edit. Thanks.
  4. thx pat, but that's not the point. is happening in groups and symbols, when i try to edit the geometry within. In one moment its visible and i can work on it, and a click later (and its not a click on Class visibilty ;-) the Objects are invisible. I can select the objects and I see the markers and the orange selection frame but not the geometry. I fought with this last night in a new file with just 4 classes, one design layer and all was set to visible . changing the the render from wireframe to opengl and back brings it sometimes back for a while like bas writes.
  5. I have kind of a similar effect. When I'm in a 3D View, like right isometric, and touch the Spacnavigator the objects diaaspear immediatly and the display coortdiantes are lightyears off. Before SP1 I could hit "CMD a" and then "CMD 6" to get to focus on the objects again, and after this the Spacenavigator worked fine. With SP1 the effect "improved". The only way to work now with the Spacenavigator ist to start from TOP-View. From there It works fine. From all other 3D-Views the focus of the screens jumps to Mars when I touch the Spacenavigator. "CMD A" and "CMD 6" bring the objects back, but only till I touch the Spacenavigator again :-( any idea how I can get this fixed? best Horst
  6. Hallo I'm quite often running in a pretty anoying display issue with VW 2017 when I group 3D objects or create a Symbol, the geometry sometimes becomes inviesible. Snaping and markers still appear. This happens in wireframe and within groups or Symbols. The effect is worse, because it happens more often, within Symbols. SInce updating to SP1 I have the impression that this happens more often. It is almost impossible to edit 3D parts of Symbols. :-( I cant find any reason, workflow or action that causes this, nor does it seem to be related to fIlesize or complexity of geometry. The only way I found to get the objects back on screen is to restart VW. Anybody else seeing this? I couldn't find another thread with this kind of problem best Horst
  7. I expected some conceptual catch here. It would be totaly enough if the behaviour of the Spacanavigator Axes from "2D Naviagtion" and "Flyover" work how they do now in orthogonal perspectiv, just without the need of toggling between Modes. anyway, thats just a minor inconvenience The Spacenaviagtor is a really nice imporvemnt in the daily work.
  8. Hi, I starte using one since a cpouple of days, and it it functions well. I was just wondering if it is normal, that the SPACENAIVGATOR works different in (normal)Perspktive or Orthogonal View In Orthogonal View left mouse button just togles between flyover and 2D navigation. so I must toggle all the time between rotating the model and moving/zooming the Model. Not too comfortable but still helpfull and handy. In Perspective View it toggles between 2D; Flyover, Walkthrough and Unconstrained Walktrough mode. Unconstarined walktrough ist the most intutive way, but i would like to be able to specify the Center of rotation .... Is there an setting that I oversee, or a reason that I don't see, or should I wait and see what comes up in near future due to this oracle: "... but the way that works will change in 2017 along with more integration with their 3DxWare software package." lets see... :-)
  9. Hi ... haven't been here for a while I found in my stock a Mirrorball from 2011. The only difference that I see to the one michaelk posted is that the texture is completely based on tile-shaders, so it doesn't need an image for the holes and the size of the dots stays adjustable by modifying the circle diameter in the transparency channel . In FQRW it renders quite fast. With lit fog enabled it takes a while at least on my MacPro from 2006 ;-) I've worked with Caustics in C4D, found it way too much efforts and render time for just an effect in the whole Event Set and Scene. So tried to do the MIrrorball effect with the holes in the Mirrors. Strength and color is adjustable very fast just by editing the light inside the Ball. works for me. [img:left]https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=14940&filename=Mirrorball_3_FQRW_lifog.jpg[/img] [img:left]https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=14941&filename=Mirrorball_4_FQRW_litfog_closup.jpg[/img]
  10. Hallo, I have a question about texturing of Walls. The doorframes of an existing building are slightly angeled. I could make a door withe the plugin that breaks the walls like It is. But when it comes to texturing the Walls I need to give the sides of the Wall the same color than the whole door. Is there any possibility to achieve this besides modeling a angeled doorframe? I attach the rendering a Snapshot of the place. I also look for a simple solution to colorize wall-part below the handrail different then the part above the handrail. Thanks for help in advance. Horst
  11. Making some first steps I'm shure I'm missing the obvious but I can't figure out how to create a Marionette Object from an Network. any help appreciated
  12. @tiago Here are better Templates for the Project: http://pazifist.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/peace-zeichen.jpg
  13. no problem with the file on my system
  14. Tools ---> Reports --- Create Report You get a Window. Under "List all" select "Symbols" Add "Symbol Name" and "Quantity" to your Worksheet check "Summarize Objects with same: select --> "Symbol Name" Place the List in an Empty Part of your Drawing done. :-) You get a List of all Symbols with the count of them used. Enjoy It doesn't count nested Symbols which would be a nice feature
  15. this workspace Editor has the Look and feel of OS9/Win (i forgot) What was before XP … memories … seems to be under historical protection otherwise it would have been changed a long time ago. I'm sure.
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