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  1. Help please. I'm trying to export a model to 12D so that plotted points in the model can be selected and plotted out onsite in the real world. I've tried .dwg but not sure what layer/class combo needs to be selected, or if another export option is better. Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks
  2. Hi all. Please help. Another issue which has occurred which must be linked to my original problem, which I have still not been able to fix. Why would a texture show up in Fast Renderworks (FR) but not Open GL (OGL). I understand from Tamsin that OGL uses the computers graphics card and FR uses a software, but what have I done in creating a texture/image prop that causes it to show up in one and not the other. This computer has a Nvidia Quadro 4000, which i'm led to believe isnt too shabby. Is there a setting for the graphics card that is linked to OGL? Any help is much needed, and very much appreciated.
  3. Typical. Trust it to work on someone else s computer Logically, I suppose that must mean a setting on my computer rather than the vw. Another question. If i'm in a hurry , I'll edit the image prop's render texture and tint the image. Turning a green phormium into a red one for example. In open GL the tint stays, in fast renderworks the tint goes. This I assume happens due to the different systems that generate the render that you mentioned. Linking back to the first problem, is there a preference menu or settings for the different types of render, or some guide lines on how the graphics card should be set up for VW? Thanks.
  4. Hi Tasmin. Thanks for getting back to me. Why would it render in open GL but not fast. Is open GL not technically renderworks?. I have hopefully attached a file for you to have a play around with. I'm sure its probably something simple but after looking for so long I cant see the wood for the trees. Thanks
  5. Good Afternoon All. Can anyone tell me why an image prop will render and show up in Open GL but wont in Fast or final quality render. The bill board or cross plane is there and highlights when the cursor is moved over it but no image. Any info most appreciated. Thanks. Andy
  6. Thanks B. I had not found 'send to surface', that alone makes life easier and quicker, Thanks. Thanks for all the other 'how to' as well. Awesome.
  7. Hi all. I'm trying to create the look of rows of grapelines. What i'm trying to do is create 5 shapes 1800mm high, 400mm wide,varying from 5M - 20M long that follows the contours of my site model as its not a flat site. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Good afternoon all. I'm trying to create a double sliding door with the windoor 17 tool. Hopefully I've correctly attached a pic of what I'm trying to achieve. The two center door slide behind the side windows and there is no frame/pillar in the center when the doors are open, and both the door and side windows are divide up. Can anyone help. Please. Thanks
  9. Ctrl Tab works for me. Awesome, Thanks.
  10. Is there a pc version. I've tried combos with Alt, Shift, Ctrl but to no avail.
  11. Hi. Is there a quick way to switch between two open files? Cheers
  12. Thanks again for that. Your way seems a lot quicker than mine and drawing the initial shape with a polyline is more acurate for me.
  13. Thanks for the help. Fianlly put it all together. Drew 4 seperate nurb curve lines, changing the curve degree to get sharp corners or sweeping bends, created surface from curves, and I finally had a shape that I could allocated Z heights to specific corners. Thnaks again.
  14. Hi. Had another play with that tool and can now get sharp corners but cant seem to have both.
  15. I had a quick play with the tool you mentioned but only seemed to be able to plot curvy lines, no sharp corners. Am i missing something?
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