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  1. My goal is to build up some ballrooms we work in and make it so no matter what configuration (airwalls pulls different ways) or camera angle it looks photo-realistic with appropriate lighting. When we have staging sets going in them i'll be able to create or drop in some stock sets, put in client graphics, and render them out so it looks as realistic as possible. Anyone have experience doing this work? I could potentially be interested in getting someone to assist with this job (paid) to get the stock ballrooms all built out, but it would need someone with a great eye for rendering and would have to be a lean design so renders will go as fast as possible... really need an expert here. I do realise that depending on the camera angle and configuration we may need to do minor tweaks to lighting as every "shot" is different. PM me if this might be something that would interest you. i'd need to see previous work. So-Cal person would be great if possible. We'll be doing this in vw2013 so prefer you have the same. looking for the help ASAP. Thanks, -Dan
  2. Awesome, I couldn't have asked for better input! Thanks a lot! I'm going to get working on it now!
  3. Hi Michael, This is exactly what I was looking for! I really don't want to just copy/paste but prefer to understand the steps you took to do this. So you drew 3 NURBs curvs from what I've seen.. a left a right and a bottom. What were the steps after that to complete this to the rendering I see? Thanks again, this is great, and thanks for the help to everyone!
  4. Hi guys, I really do appreciate everyone helping! I've attached a photo of what I'm talking about as the answers i've gotten are more on the side of a "tent" and not what I mean. In the example you see the chiffon kind of drapped over the roof. It's this idea, but instead it would be more like a pinwheel with the center ring being the start and 16 separate chiffon drapes going out, drooping down about 5' below the roof, then back up and over the sides of the top of the truss then hanging down about 10' or so. Hope that makes sense.... I hate to ask this, but i'm also going to link this vwx (I work in spotlight 2010). If anyone is able to help with this in actual application I would really appreciate it! In my actual vwx file I made an example of what I was trying to do with the drape, but this isnt it.. hopefully at least from this you guys will understand where i'm going with it. Thanks for the help so far, and thanks to anyone that can help on this! File is here (have to upload to outside site since its too big for here.. wish they would increase the limit here...): Weddingvwx -BD *EDIT* actually added the attachment
  5. Hi All, I need some help badly, and i'm hoping someone can clue me in. I'm working on a rendering for a client, and I need to do chiffon drooping drape off of a 10' center extention we will have at the middle of the structure. I've attached some jpegs so you guys can see what I mean (its a 30meg size now so cant attach the vwx. Any ideas how to do this? I've tried 2d poly's, extruding, convertind to NURBS, applying a texture, but it's just not looking good. If you see the top-down view I have 16 little holes cut in the center ring at top of structure. I wanted to tie the drape to each hole, and then tie it off to 16 points around the outter truss leaving some droop on each section, then let the drape hang down around the structure. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on this!I'm working in VW2010 spotlight. Thanks!
  6. here it is again with the lighting "fixed" Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the help guys, I think I have it down! I'm not happy with the texture quite yet (it seems lighter than it should as this is cherry wood.. I used a photo, but hrmm.. i'll play with it..), but I have the components in. I included some pics and the vwx file for anyone if they'd like it.. Thanks for the help!
  8. follow up: I also see the nurbs arc by 2 points and radius, and this one makes sense if it worked, the problem is after you click the 2nd time for the two end points it explains there's a dialog box to enter the radius... but there's not one.. just the same old length and angle then X y etc... and these values dont really apply.. where's the dialog box to enter the radius after you click the two end points?
  9. Sorry man, I don't get it at all... It's not the numbers i'm not understanding.. I have all the measurements.. it's how the heck do I put them into VW? The problem with your solution by what I see is it doesn't take the right information that I see.. for arc by three points it says "Click to define the starting point of an arc." - no problem got that part! then it says "The arc passes through the point with the second click." - Here's where it loses me.. why the heck would I want that? then I'm having to figure out all kinds of information... Why wouldn't it be the two end points first (the chord) THEN do the radius by finding the middle of the cord and the distance from that to the middle of the arc after subtracting the distance from the middle point of the "circle" to the intersecting chord? Anyone able to explain how i'd do this a little bit better?
  10. Hey guys, So I?m trying to re-create a shelf that I have in the house into Vectorworks. It is a little more complex than a normal "shelf" and I wanted to get your input. I've included some pictures of it so you get an idea of what it looks like. Obviously the idea is to break it into segments and build it one piece at a time, but I?m having a very hard time with curves. My first challenge is the base posts. They are partial arc segments. Now I know the inside width (point to point straight) and the height of the intersected width to the top of the highest point. With that I know the radius of the arch. In my mind I have enough information above to do that drawing, and I?m looking through the 3D modeling NURBs arch, and it would seem to me the first option of NURBs arc by radius mode would be the logical step since I know the radius and the length, but NO... I need to know some angle.. which I know I can figure out the angles, but what angle is it looking for? it seems to want to know the angle AND length of something.. very confusing... My question on that part is what do you guys use to do arc's, what options, and what information do you have going into it to plug it in correctly? My next question is more of a mathematical one, but there are a lot of curves and slants as you see in the pictures. Normally what you'd do is "chop" off the portion with the curve, and measure that independently but what if it?s one solid piece? Any ideas on that? This is more for me to get familiar with how I translate the information I find into VW, but I?m noticing at least for me it?s not as easy as I thought it would be! Thanks for the input!
  11. Thanks for the reply! Is there an easy way to pull up a list of the saved views that I did? I see in the view menu to save view, then there's next view and prev. view, but the only way i've seen to see a list is through the model menue under create animation? is that where i'd pull of the view then change it from wireframe to FQ.
  12. Hey guys, before I pull my hair out (ok some of it already is, but has nothing to do with vectorworks... I don't think!) I just created a flythrough animation for a room I built. I did it in wireframe, and saved about 20 points.. the camera looks good and its smooth. My question is, how do I now tell it to do that in final quality RW (i'm on spolight 2010)? please don't tell me I have to re-do a step by step in FQRW.. it would take weeks to get done. Granded my saved views are in wireframe, but isnt there some kind of global option to say ok now do it in this? Thanks!
  13. Just FYI, I redid the diagram using the chair you provided and it made ALL the difference in the WORLD! You guys rock as always! I've included a picture (just a screen shot of it) with some random logo's and pictures.. looking to do 2 17.5X40' screens with 2 pip's inside it.. do you have suggestions to my drawing? I feel like i'm to the point now here I can do most of the fundamental things, but the artistic portion is still lacking. What is that "next step" to really take my drawings from an average quick sketch up to something that will really set it apart? I know one comment a while back to really get nice looks is using "lit fog" but I havent played with it much. Thanks again for the help and the new chair!
  14. I am trying to render now, but reading your statement again i'm realising I didn't do this right. From your statement of "regenerate seating layout" I wanted to say something here. I didn't do this via the automated one because there's no option to do this with my seating layout. would be better option be for me to take one of the 72" rounds and take 8 of your chairs you sent me, and make that one big symbol, then use the automated feature to place in that symbol? Would that help with the overall rendering? I'd imagine not, just help with keeping my sanity of laying out each one I'll try to rebuild if this render doesnt work.. as of now it looks like its frozen, but i'm not convinced that it replaced the chairs just by me replacing your chair with the chair I used.
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