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  1. JedPLM

    2D Mulch

    Hello everyone! I have always been using just a light brown solid fill for my mulch in 2D.. is there anything else that would be better? possibly more realistic or textured? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 2012 Vectorworks Landmark w/ Renderworks on Windows
  2. Thank you all for your help! I do have Vectoworks 2011 w/ Renderworks. I am stil not understanding how to apply a texture to my grass.. all I can use now for my yard is a solid fill color. Any help would be great! Thanks again
  3. How do I create a lawn area for 3D drawing? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. JedPLM


    Thank you! Yes that worked
  5. JedPLM


    This seems to happen to me offen.. The stipple I put in my drawing shows up on my screen but will not print? Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I cannot not get the line(arrow) that goes from the plant symbol to the text to print.. The plant symbol and the text print just fine but the lines do not. Please help! Thanks
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