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  1. I submitted a ticket online for an issue. It took almost a month for a response. And the response didn't actually fix the issue as far as I can tell. This was 'premium tech support' support, whatever that means.
  2. I use Vectorworks with InteriorCAD, but I don't use it for production, yet. Just shop drawings. EDIT: I should clarify I do use VW for some cabinet production, which involves drawing the cabinet parts for DXF export for importing into CNC software. I don't use InteriorCAD for production.
  3. Hmm. I wonder why they won't respond to me. I'll try again.
  4. Does anyone know if InteriorCAD 2022 has been released in Canada? I'm not getting any response when asking ExtraGroup directly... Thanks
  5. Whenever I adjust a path, I make sure I'm in a top/plan view (if possible), and then I place 2D vertices at the corners of my path. Then I move them to where the path needs to go, and then just pull the path handles to the vertices. Last I delete the vertices. Not ideal, but at least reliable for me. But I usually just use EAP for crown moulding and finished bases on cabinets, so top/plan works well for viewing the path.
  6. Awesome, thanks for this. I'll play around with this for a bit and report back. Appreciate the help!
  7. When I need to create a bunch of CNC files for millwork parts, I create a layer called 'cnc 1', and paste all the parts on this layer. I then start arranging the parts on the sheet, and when it's full I duplicate the layer, rename it 'cnc 2', and then carry-on with the remaining parts. Is it possible to have the title over each sheet inherit the name of the design layer? Then when I duplicate the layer, the title of the sheet is updated. It would save editing this text every time, and eliminate any possible errors. Thanks for any help!
  8. The only way I get this to work is to switch to another units type, and then switch back to the one you want. Changing the precision alone does not update the existing dimensions, as you've discovered.
  9. When I go to replace a drawing label in a document, I am presented with this window: Then I have to click again to see the available drawing labels. Why? Shouldn't the drawing label folder in the resource manager just open when I select "replace"? Why the extra click to open the drawing labels in the resource manager? I'm sure there are many other instances where VW is asking for an input when one isn't needed, but this is one that gets in my way because for some reason, VW has a really hard time in accepting a new default drawing label, and I seem to have to go through this process far more often than I should. Also, see the end of this thread with my comment on why changing the default drawing label is so difficult.
  10. Why can't I delete the default drawing label? I have created a new custom drawing label, and set it as the default. I then deleted the old default (the one shown in the image below). Then I saved my file as a template. When I open a new file, new viewports are created using my custom drawing labels. But this old one is back in the drawing. Why? I didn't import it. Where did it come from? It took me a lot of tries to set my custom drawing label as the default. It kept reverting back to the old one. I agree this new tool is pretty great, but it's not that easy to change to a new custom style. Vectorworks *REALLY* wants to use the old one.
  11. I found a tree. I will post an updated video soon. EDIT: Here's the updated video. This was super helpful, it changed the location of where I thought the tree should go. Not by a lot, but moving the tree 5-6' to from where I was planning it to go definitely changes the shadow profile against the house. This assumes of course that I've located the house correctly, but I was pretty careful to get the orientation correct. Either way, It was a good exercise. option 1 July 11 maple tree.mov
  12. Ok, this worked perfectly! I made an animation with and without the tree, and the tree in different locations. I attached one of my videos. The only thing right now is that I don't have a good tree object to work with. Is anyone able to provide one? I also have service select so I'm going to go through the extra libraries to see if I can find anything. The tree we're considering is a Pacific Sunset Maple, with a max height of 30' and a canopy 25' wide. Thank you @Tom W.. This was way easier than I expected it to be! option 1 July 11.mov
  13. Thanks @Tom W.for that thorough reply. Very helpful. My yard is small and I just want to model the house and tree, nothing else around it, so it makes sense to just use the heliodon. I guess I just need to figure out the arc or path the heliodon should track to mimic the sun. I could put 8 or 10 lights along that path and turn them on individually to see the resulting shadows. Anyway, this gives me a path forward. Thanks.
  14. I'm looking to plant a tree in my backyard to offer some shade during the summer months. What I would like to do is model the shape of my house, and garage, and locate that using georeferencing to model the shade on the house throughout the day. I want to make sure I locate the tree to give me the maximum shade, where and when we need it most. Is this something that can be done relatively quickly/easily in Vectorworks? I'm using 2021, but also have 2022 that I'm not using yet (pending the release of InteriorCAD). I've never done any georeferencing so I'd like to know if I'm wasting my time trying. Thanks for any insight, tips or tricks.
  15. I find changing to different units (say mm), then back to imperial makes all the dimensions refresh and take on the latest settings.
  16. I'm having trouble with my PDF exports from VW (2021 Architect, Mac OS Mojave). When I publish to PDF, I can see the greyscale of my cabinet parts when viewed with Apple Preview. But they are not visible when using Acrobat. Since Preview kinda sucks, I'd prefer to use Acrobat (and that's probably what most people are viewing the files on anyway), is there a way to get the greyscale to show? I have attached screenshots of the VW file, Preview, Acrobat showing no greyscale. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  17. Lineweight. Use the appropriate lineweight to help convey what the drawing is trying to present. Heavier lines for the objects you're detailing, lighter lines for notations and dimensions. Light/grey lines for context or smaller details within an object.
  18. Ha. I thought of that, but then I also thought I need to learn some of the wall functionality better so I gave the recess thing a try. I will now go back to my first approach. A vector workaround. Thanks for the reply. I did try that, but that just made a mess of things. I find making any changes to walls to be a problematic affair....
  19. I'm not very experienced in using wall recesses (or projections), but it seems like it should be pretty straightforward. I can't figure out why I get the small portion of wall at the end of this wall? My 3D object extends beyond the wall, so I would assume it would cutout the wall completely. Why is it leaving this small bit on the end? Thanks
  20. Ok, thanks. Will DM you....
  21. I think there are a lot of us in the position, where learning takes a back seat. I do hope your issue gets resolved and you can keep moving forward with your drawings. But I would also suggest that learning doesn't need to be such a grand undertaking and huge time commitment. Decide on one thing to learn/resolve, and try it, it a new file that won't affect your real work. From what I gather in your post, you're using an antiquated process of designer layer scales and loci to create your printable sheets. If you haven't tried any new method of doing this since V8.5 you might be surprised how easy and enjoyable this process can be using a more up-to-date methodology. If fact, you might find that the small commitment in time to learn that new process saves you a lot of time on every drawing you do moving forward.
  22. Not to hijack a thread, but what would it take to get InteriorCAD to export to Biesseworks?
  23. Ride

    Update fails

    Why does my VW update fail? I have an internet connection, and it's always worked in past.
  24. Great, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  25. Revisiting this topic from way back when. I need to draw a perfect parabola. Is there a better way now in 2022?
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