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  1. After 6 hours of trying to get a RCP of a 3D model, I'm fried. No matter what I do I can't get the Ceiling to show above the cut line.
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a Salice Hinge library?
  3. Playing around with cut lists I see they come up metric. Is there a way to have them Imperial? I have Interiorcad set to imperial. Our plan is to get up and running 100% on the software while we wait for our machine to arrive. We can take advantage of cut lists immediately so our guys don't have to waste time pouring over drawings.
  4. The machine we are looking at will take a full sheet but apparently has pods that attach to the table to hold pieces off the table for horizontal boring. How about labels? Will we be able to barcode parts or is that a Homag thing?
  5. Thanks for the info on the VW site.I just realized Intercad uses the option ket to select multiple objects. The videos definitely are helpful! On Tuesday we are looking at a new Homag Router. I'm hoping some people on the forum have experience in shifting to CNC manufacturing.
  6. We are new to Interiorcad. Currently we are 3D modeling all our cabinets and then manually creating cut lists etc. Our goal is to use InteriorCad to draw all our cabinet boxes and go straight to a CNC router. All of our projects are 100% custom and all our shop drawings are reviewed by a designer or architect. Many times architects will have us make very minor changes such as increasing or decreasing a cabinet by fractions of an inch. In theory we may have a cabinet with a vertical divider in it that needs to be moved a 1/4". Does this mean we need to completely redraw the cabinet to the new divisions for is there a way to adjust vertical divisions AFTER the cabinet is drawn?
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