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  1. Really loving this very handy tool. Could you increase the size of the input boxes (e.g. prefix) so I can see larger strings of text? This tool comes in so handy to do smart text find/replace with numbering the prefix could be 10-30 characters long! Additional thought - would it be possible to see a preview, of, say the first 5 items, before committing the update (of course you can undo, but... a quick preview would be good) Thanks, R
  2. It is a single line at the moment: SelectObj((INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (PON='Device') & ('Device'.'name'='<USER INPUT HERE>'))); I am possibly getting out of my newbie comfort zone here 😉 R
  3. @Pat Stanford, My first delve into Vectorscripts and this worked pretty well. Thank you. I have made a few scripts already now 🙂 I am going to regret asking but... Is there a 'simple' way of prompting the user (me) to select/enter just one of the search criteria via an input pop-up?... I am trying to select all ConnectCAD devices who's name is X, but X changes each time, and scrolling through the parameter values in the custom select tool is very time consuming to find the .device.name field. The script would be a shortcut to that I guess. Thanks as always, R
  4. Hi @Conrad Preen, I understand the workflow above - could you also explain what the NAME property is about in the Layout Room object. How does it differ from ID. Obviously ID is used to link devices to the room via the Equipment Item objects, but I couldn't find a purpose for the name property. Thanks as always, R
  5. So I'm thinking this is the way to go (pretty much as you suggest too). This way the locations of the devices can be made clear. Just not sure how I can stagger the multiple arrow connectors that connect to the single [wi-fi] socket so I can read them correctly. Any ideas?
  6. This looks similar to what I have Eliot, thank you. I like the header information - I might just grab that!) I note you are not showing the transmitters though. I was just thinking about other wireless products that could come into play like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc in AV projects (e.g. lecture theatres). Beinagable to demonstrate which Tx/Rx devices are paired up would good too. Thanks again for your input, really helpful. R
  7. Love the custom selection tool. It would be greatly improved if: It kept your last used criteria - sometimes you need to repeat the process to achieve what you want to do Allow to save the criteria for future use (a bit like select similar tool) BONUS option - When selecting criterial the lists are filtered. E.g. I am looking for devices in ConnectCAD, which have 0 power values, so i filter on DEVICES but still need to trawl through hundreds of properties for doors, windows, walls etc just to find the properties of Devices Thanks, R
  8. Hi, New to ConnectCAD - I was wondering what the best practices are for making RF connections in ConnectCAD schematics. Showing them accurately/correctly in the schematic and perhaps scheduling channel assignments. I am looking at using arrow connector types. With diversity I have A and B antenna but only showing connections to A for the moment. Just wondering what people recommend and anything to look out for. Help always appreciated. Ross
  9. Feedback. Minor issue doesn't impact use. But I noticed when copying a device (ctrl+mouse click and drag) that the indicative outline of the device as I moved the mouse, included the arrow connectors which the source device had connected. I panicked the first time .. but on releasing the mouse button the device copied as it should, the outline just confused me for a moment I thought had selected everything - not just the device on its own). I guess this is mimicking move behaviour , not copy. In the attached screen grab I couldn't keep the CTRL key depressed and take a snap shot (so you can't see the + sign mouse pointer) R
  10. Hi, Is there/could there be a way to prompt users to confirm changes they have made to a symbol when they close the symbol editor, perhaps offering the option to save as new symbol. Coming from AutoCAD when editing a block you have the option to save, save as new block and dismiss changes. This would be a quick way of modifying a series of symbols which are similar but only need a small modification each time, instead of creating multiple copies in resource manager and editing each one. I have tried editing the 3D components of a symbol recently and really messed it up and couldn't work out how to exit the editor without saving, and I didn't have enough undo's !!! For the more advanced users this could be an option that could be turned off through user preferences. Cheers, Ross
  11. Agree with this one - absolutely. Considering there are lots of ('other') on-line viewers that do this for lots of file types having the ability to use on-line processing power to import big files and not make my workstation slug it out for hours, while I get on with the real work. This functionality would be awesome.
  12. Hi, On recommendation from forum discussions - I have created a single VWX file which contains 5 layers. Each layer has a different DWG file imported (not referenced) onto it representing the content for the 5 floors of my building. I then reference this file into my main VWX drawing. By using the OIP I switch the viewport visibility of the referenced layers (for each floor) in conjunction with the specific floor layer(s) that I am working on. This is great and has improved performance (compared to importing/referencing all 5 DWGs directly into the main file). I need to remember to set the active layer to the reference file layer to select the viewport and change the layer visibility, then change active layer back (I mainly like to use grey/snap others!) I have been using saved views for a little while now, and love how they speed up switching layers and visibilities, however I would really like the ability to switch the viewport layer visibility (classes too perhaps, but not relevant in this particular case). So in this scenario a saved view for the first floor would set the active layer to "My First Floor", "Architect Level 01" ON, "Reference file" ON, "Viewport / Reference File - Layer Level 01" ON (all others off). Grey/snap others. Is this even possible?... I don't know. 🙂 Thanks, Ross
  13. We have a limited number of network licenses for our small team. Sometimes we just need to review each other's work, so the free viewer seemed like a good idea... however: The viewer install overwrites/reuses the local user setting folder for vectorworks so I have lost my personal settings. The executable appears as the same name in the (windows) start menu so it is difficult to tell which app you are launching The default app to open vwx files is set to the viewer. After launching the viewer app the license settings for VW 2021 are lost and need to be re-entered. I'm sure there will be other similar effects from the 'duality'. I would strongly recommend that the VW Viewer is considered as a standalone app and not piggy back on existing installations. The support team in the UK were, as always, great in fixing this. Thank you. R
  14. Hi All, I realise this is a known 'thing', but I was curious to know what plans there are to rectify/accommodate it... Example: In the case of a microphone connected to a DSP you could have a MIC signal going into a MIC/LINE signal type input socket. The signal here is MIC but the report (and error check) will display an error/??? . This scenario gets even more 'interesting' when we connect the likes of LAN, LAN (PoE), Dante, AES67, video streams etc over ETHERNET and all the devices are connected to a switch with signal type LAN. Same goes for LowZ and 100V line speaker levels. And many more! Without wanting to spend a lot of time maintaining matched signal types at both ends, is there something in the pipeline to allow for some sort of multilevel signal type matching (based on signal/level protocol, or something like that!). Cheers, R
  15. 2021 - New user and still can't see the option to save and commit when exiting (or indeed just saving the local working file). Would make sense!


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