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  1. Observation: When importing a schematic I drew in AutoCAD the text attributes were not importing correctly. We use blocks (much like the ConnectCAD devices symbol - in fact the block in question is called "device") to represent equipment used in AV systems. The blocks had text attributes representing the device name, make, model and some notes. When importing the file, VW has imported both the default value and the entered value of the attribute, overlaying them to make them unreadable. I tried all four different import options described here: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FDXFDWG%2FDXF_DWG_and_DWF_import_options.htm%23CSH_10 but didn't just get the (displayed/printed) entered attribute values imported as I wanted. The only way around was to open the DWG file and modify the block definition and remove the default value (leaving it blank) and ATTSYNC to update all the blocks in the file. Perhaps the import options need to be updated to ignore default values if an entered value is present. It should not just ignore the default values though, as they may be the ones required. Typical - I have just tried to create a sample file to demonstrate it and upload here, but it doesn't display the same behaviour... may be just that one file then! So keep a look out! Using: VW2021 Spotlight/ConnectCAD. DWG Import Example.dwg
  2. It would be really good if VW would automatically download all of the update/service pack files in the background and only then prompt you to install them when it is convenient (now or later) - perhaps out of hours?. The current process prompts (on stratup) to say an update is available and the only way to download means you have to close VW and stop working. the download process can take a very long time, so it would be better to be able to work while this happens. If the installer can also automatically close VW (if there are no unsaved files open, or at least prompt to save) that would be even better! Thanks
  3. Hi, We are new to ConnectCAD and looking to format our schematic drawings in CC as closely to our current AutoCAD as we transition to an only VW workflow. When using devices and connectors - is there any way you can edit the triangular symbol used for the sockets? Our current drawings don't have a symbol at all - just the text. Is the symbol optional? Could there be a choice of symbol depending on the type of connection? (selected from the object info palette) Thanks, Ross EDIT: I have found the "Graphic Style" option within the Object Info palette. I have tried a few of them and got an error message: "The sysmbol skt_con_djf_IN was not found in the default Content. you can create a symbol in your document if your require." So I am part way there. I think some further documentation about how this component works and how it is configured and managed would be handy. Setting a default type too. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am very new to VW, so excuse my limited knowledge of the product (I am rapidly going through all the training videos etc). I would like to know: Is it possible to show objects in a drawing, that move or change state, like a door, blinds or curtains opening/closing and then show these state changes in a fly through. I would like to show a motorised projection screen, that is normally hidden in the ceiling, deploy slowly (over say 10 seconds) and perhaps an image displayed on it. A bit like this: Any ideas or suggestions, very welcome. Thank you


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