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  1. To access the Signature edit option - go to Account (right upper corner) > Account Settings > Signature @inilegnamVectorworks 2022 SP3 will be released soon, and we are introducing multiple fixes related to the Site Model and plants/tree placements, and more. However, make sure you have installed the latest 2022 Service Pack in the meantime.
  2. @Neelambari ShuklaIt is my understanding that is one per license. You can make your request via Customer portal before March 31st /2022 You can also contact TwinMotion for a multi-license solution as part of this offer. To clarify, all users with assigned Vectorworks licenses as part of your VSS membership can redeem their promo code by accessing their Vectorworks licenses via the Customer portal.
  3. @flashee42Your Vectorworks 2021 license has been extended. Keep in mind that you can request Vectorworks 2022 under the Download tab in the student portal.
  4. @QxinYour Vectorworks 2020 license has been extended. Keep in mind that you can request the latest Vectorworks 2022 version under the Download tab in the student portal.
  5. @Nicholas BoisvertYour license extension was approved yesterday. Could you confirm? - thanks
  6. @QxinLicense extensions take between 24 - 48 hrs - Unfortunately, I couldn't find your student account with your email to assist you. Please email our Academic Team AcademicTeam@vectorworks.net with your request, and they will be able to help out asap.
  7. Dongle licenses are B-series licenses and are not required of any online/internet activation. No need to worry about it.
  8. @AlanWPlease update to the latest SP 2.1 and the if the problems persist, follow the instructions from this article: or feel free to contact us at tech@vectorworks.net and we can troubleshoot the issue.
  9. @_c_As part of the transfer from the current owner to the new, we will reset the activation of that particular license.
  10. @Gary KulovicsI will reach out directly.
  11. @Gary KulovicsThis is the dialog box for Vectorworks Network licenses - Make sure you are on the same network as the license server and connect again. If you know the IP address for the license manager server, you can add it in the Primary Server box and try logging again. If the problem persist, contact your College IT team.
  12. @Knut FredrikSubmitting your request to our team.
  13. @techdefThank you for your post. I will pass your kind words to our R&D team.
  14. Couple of things to consider when choosing hardware. GPU operations: Flyover, Zooming, and Panning Feedback graphics( snapping, highlighting, etc.) Shaded rendering Rendering plug-ins such as Redshift / TwinMotion / Lumion/ Enscape Vision – 2022SP2 runs natively on M1's CPU operations: Renderworks Hidden line Plan drawing 3D modeling (mix CPU/GPU) Viewports (Mix CPU/GPU depending on type of rendering) Even though most of the Rendering in Vectorworks in done in the CPU, I will recommend you to stick with the Apple M1 Max 16" - with the 32GB.
  15. @Miguel Meridaand @donalexinder24to find your serial #. Please log in to the student portal and click on Account Status.
  16. @sofiamatzaCould you provide us more information about the issue that you are experiencing? If you are using an educational version, you can go to the student portal and download version 2021.
  17. If you are going through webinars or tutorials available at the University, you must find the files as part of the class. If you need a specific file that is not there, please get in touch with us at training@vectorworks.net
  18. @Rose Buker Are you getting an error message? if so can you share a screenshot? Most of the issues with Vectorworks not starting are due to outdated graphic drivers. Make sure you are running the latest version and if the problem persist, please contact us at tech@vectorworks.net
  19. @SamGYour license has been extended. Have a great week!
  20. @kenichiPlease contact your local support with this request. https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  21. @Joe MillsII have extended your license. Please be aware that a license extension request takes between 24-48 hrs. to process, especially after a weekend. have a great week!
  22. @Piotr KarczewskiCurrently, I can't see anything in the roadmap for the irrigation tools. I will take your concern to our team and get back to you all. Stay tuned!
  23. JuanP


    @angusthompson Add the font type to you computer first Mac/Win and then reboot Vectorworks, then you should be able to see the new font in Vectorworks.
  24. @soumaliMake sure Vectorworks has been updated to the latest Service Pack and try again - if the problem persist, please send me couple of files to investigate further.
  25. And to reiterate @Pat Stanford comments, we do not have any plan to phase out Hybrid objects.
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