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  1. Henrique Lauer

    Weather Analysis Tools

    Thanks!! i will try!
  2. Henrique Lauer

    Weather Analysis Tools

    Love This! I loved it! But I only managed to use the path of the sun. The others, all attempts the vectorworks stops responding.
  3. Henrique Lauer

    student version vs educational version

    Thank you all for the above help. Now I got the student version and I'm not able to open my old 2016 version files that are also student. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  4. Henrique Lauer

    Batch Print option missing 2017

    Can I have access to a non-distributor version? In Brazil the version always takes time. thank you,
  5. Henrique Lauer

    Batch Print option missing 2017

    On my page does not appear yet. I come in every day to check, I'm anxious to test this version
  6. Henrique Lauer

    Batch Print option missing 2017

    The student version 2017 of vectorworks is already available for download?
  7. Henrique Lauer

    wishlist- 2017 wall face hints

    i vote: more speed in viewport update vray or iray would be amazing more speed with 3D complex objects more speed with autohybrid objetc more speed with complex objetc ( mesh, 3d polys ) creating walls through 3D objects ( convert a 3d objetc in wall ) some 3D tools C4D would be a dream in Vectorworks
  8. Henrique Lauer

    2016 Random Crashing

    i´m architect and urban planner i live in Brazil. I teach vectoworks in cadtechnology. i´m user vectorworks since 2006, and love software. I new in community, and my vectorworks 2016 crash random to. My version is 2016 sp1, my currently OS version is: sorry about my english. 64 bits windows 7 16 ram i7 4790 64bits


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