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  1. klinzey

    Generic College account and Proof of Employment

    If you are setting up a lab as part of a class please contact @Maggie Dier, she should be able to help you get a school lab license setup. We ask for a different set of information when setting up for multiple users in a lab setting.
  2. klinzey

    Scripting an object "pick up"

    The better tool to use is TrackObjectN() It lets you use criteria to highlight valid objects.
  3. klinzey

    Lighting Symbol w/Assigned Class?

    In the Spotlight Preferences, uncheck "Use Active Class for Lighting Device Insertion". This will then insert the lighting device into the class defined by the symbol.
  4. If you set the fixture mode to "None" you should be able to enter the number of channels.
  5. klinzey

    Creating Label Legend from Custom Record.

    Records are not directly accessible from the lighting device. The label legend can only access the Lighting Device record. You can customize the lighting device and add your fields in the Spotlight Preferences command and then they will be available in the Label Legend Manager. If you want to continue to attach a record to the lighting device instances your best option is to use the Data Tag to display the information.
  6. klinzey

    Editing text in a parametric object

    If your object just needs one font you can simply make it a Font Style Enabled object. This will enable you to use the standard text menu options to set the font attributes with the object selected. ObjectVariableBoolean(objHand,800,True);
  7. According to the registration page there are 2 other sessions currently scheduled June 7th and June 27th. Though I'm not sure if those will be discounted like the first one.
  8. klinzey

    Position Summary / Minimum Circuits needed

    @dwdavedw Please post your file here ro submit to support so we can take a look a error you are seeing.
  9. klinzey

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    We haven't had any issues with that device. Try using it with Skype or another application to make sure the device works. VW does not interact with the device only Vision. In VW follow these instructions to setup the capture source so Vision will recognize it when you open the file. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FEventDesign2%2FIdentifying_a_Video_Source_for_the_Vision_Program.htm
  10. klinzey

    Load ID in spotlight Numbering

    You should be able to simply run the "Reset Braceworks IDs" command and generate all new Load IDs.
  11. klinzey

    Vision 2019 and GrandMA on PC

    @pazworkfornow@gmail.com Do you have a Dongle? MA requires the use of a Vision dongle in order to enable the MA connection driver.
  12. You should not have to make any adjustments to using the Set #3D Orientation is you are just trying to place a striplight on a vertical boom. Here is a quick sample of what I think you are trying to accomplish. Untitled1.vwx
  13. klinzey

    Nothing in Spotlight Numbering Field to select

    I have not seen this problem before. If you are still having the issue I suggest you contact technical support directly and they should be able to help you resolve the issue.
  14. klinzey

    House Rigging Point tool

    This is currently not possible but it is an item on our wish list.
  15. klinzey

    Vision and Hog connection issues

    @Henslin One of our engineers will reach out to you directly for some more details. Your physical Road Hog 4 console should connect via Artnet or sACN without a problem. We have only seen issues with Hognet driver.
  16. klinzey

    GrandMA2 Console --> Vision 2019

    As long as you have it working with GrandMA2 onPC using MAnet, Vision will connect right up to the real MA hardware using MAnet.
  17. klinzey

    Vision 2019 crashes on Mac with Nvidia

    @Paulo Ferrari I believe that setting always forces the machine to use the discrete card all the time. gfxCardStatus alows you to force the system to use the integrated graphics all the time.
  18. klinzey

    Vision 2019 crashes on Mac with Nvidia

    gfxCardStatus https://gfx.io
  19. klinzey

    Vision 2019 crashes on Mac with Nvidia

    The only workaround that we have found is switch to using the integrated graphics card. There is a utility that allow you to manually switch between integrated and discrete video cards. Not ideal, but Vision will run on the integrated video card for the machines we have tested.
  20. klinzey

    Dual Machine License Vent

    You appear to be a US user so you probably have the Series E version so you should be able to have it installed on 2 machines. Make sure both machines are using the Braceworks serial number. We make sure you can't install it on 3 machines and can't run 2 at the same time. Please take a look at your end user license agreement supplied during the installation process.
  21. klinzey

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    QLC+ does not require a dongle and uses Artnet. Artnet and sACN are standards used by many consoles but not supported by MA without additional hardware.
  22. @Jessica Privett You really can't remove them. LW and VW both track all the lights in the document. You can use filtering in LW and Classes in VW to hide the lights you don't want to see.
  23. klinzey

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    @GloriamLT MA Lighting requires the use of a dongle when connecting to Vision so you can not use it with the demo version of Vision.
  24. klinzey

    Vision Orientation issue

    Which GLP X4? It looks like the GLP Impression X4 Bar but which one and which which fixture mode did you select?
  25. klinzey

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    Vision does not include a lighting console, you need to connect Vision via SACN, ARTNET, etc. to your physical lighting console of an offline version of a lighting console. You will program on your lighting console and Vision will mimic the behavior of the lights. If you want a simple software console you can tru QLC+ https://www.qlcplus.org/ It's not something I would use to program a show but it works for simple things.


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