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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the quick response! I'm still having trouble making it work. I've attached a simple file I was playing with- I have a boom that I made into a CPMV Viewport with a light on it, and am getting no output. When I duplicate the same light out of the definition layer, it turns on fine. No rush, but if you have a moment to take a look at it, I'd appreciate it! Peter PMV Tests.vwx
  2. Hi all! I've been having trouble with one aspect of Plot and Model View. I finally figured out how to use it properly this year thanks to @markdd's awesome webinar about rendering. The thing I can't make work right now is rendering with the lights in the PMV Viewport on. The lights on the boom in the definition layer turn on, but they hit the exterior wall of the theatre. Anyone have thoughts? Thanks!
  3. pfalvi

    VW 2018 Crashing Before Fully Starting

    I spoke too soon. I saw that it booted fully and showed me my workspace, and thought it worked. I tried to open a file today, and it got as ar as opening the file then freezing and going black. Now I'm not sure what's wrong. Any thoughts, Jim? Or anyone else?
  4. pfalvi

    VW 2018 Crashing Before Fully Starting

    Thanks so much, Jim! This is exactly what I needed and all is well now. All the best, Peter
  5. pfalvi

    VW 2018 Crashing Before Fully Starting

    Hi Jim, Here's the file you asked for! Thanks for being willing to help! Peter DxDiag.txt
  6. When I doubleclick the shortcut to open VW 2018, it seems to load right up until the point I would use it, and then crashes and I receive the attached error. It does show up with my serial number and looks like it's going to open, but it doesn't work. It's even tried opening a file, giving me the file name in the tab on the upper left, but then crashes. The most recent one even showed me the font remapping window and waited, until I agreed to the remapping it was suggesting, then it quit. Does anyone have any thoughts? Background: my other laptop broke so I just purchased a new one (HP Spectre x360 15, 2017 model, Windows 10), and tried to load everything on it. All files were opening on the old one yesterday. Same files on the new one, no luck. I just downloaded the newest release of VW2018.


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