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  1. A next step could be for the help to be more interactive with the videos. After that I would change from videos, to in-app showing it, as that would show the user so much more as he actually sees it.... Oh, and simplifying a lot of stuff should help too.... (only let the user know what he needs to know, the rest should be done behind the scenes)
  2. Hi, I know from the developer pages that the Python version used is 3, but what exact number, and can we always be sure that it is the latest? The reason I ask this is because there are new language structs in later iterations of version 3 that I want to use and some are coming like enums, so I wanted to know how we can know the exact one?
  3. Maybe the layer links and dlvp were not such a very good example, but if dlvp could do everything layer links could, then it would be.
  4. I am reading the article correctly. To give an example of what I would see VW do: You now have a layer reference and a design layer viewport to reference other layers from another file. Why is this still the case? The design layer viewports are to replace the layer references, so those should be gone. You can achieve the same, and more, with the new DLVP. Keeping the old method will sure mess up the code, removing it will get rid of so much code that the overall code will get better and less bug prone. As being a developer myself, I know this is a big issue in code. And this is only one example. Plus, it will simplify the use of VW for the users, as there aren't 100 ways to accomplish the same thing. You will not get all those dialog boxes and choses you have to make either. So it beneficial to the user and the developers.
  5. I am not asking to get rid of the export and import commands to switch to and from version, as these are (or should at least be) build separate from the main application.
  6. I came into this article today: https://drupal.org/node/65922 I think it clearly tells that backward compatibility is a bad thing in order to bring the software to a higher level. As you can read, it's about the data/content that needs to be kept. I think VW should also do this, while introducing new stuff, forget the old ways, but keep the data/content of the drawings. If we could accomplish a thing in some way in the previous version, it's ok to not doing it in that same way for the new version, as long as there is a new better way to do it. VW is full of those and it should be cleaned up!
  7. For 2D plans, you could use the normal plan view and use colors and other fills through classes to make the drawing look good. For 3D views, you will have to use renderworks.
  8. That was my first comment about this auto hybrid. It should not have been a different object, but just be incorporated into the symbol, because you would have so much more out of it, being able to have it inserted into a wall, being able to search it in worksheets, ... VW has too many different things and too many ways to do stuff, it should be more uniform and a lot of object should become one to simplify.... And yes, the position and origin is a mess, especially when you copy-paste it to other layers.
  9. The thing you need to do when modeling is using your classes in a correct way, as material take-offs will always have formulas where you search the objects based on class etc.... So a good classing system is the begin of it. I use the BB-SfB classing, as they class the objects by construction type and material, although I adapted it to my own needs. VW could learn from Revit in this, as there you can search on types, like give me all columns of that material etc...
  10. Hi, you can post it here or mail it. If you post it here, I'm sure others will also take a look at it.
  11. And make it work on all kind of objects, especially wall types, which doesn't work now when deleting classes....
  12. Like classes, there should be a dialog asking the user with what other resource he wants to replace the to be deleted resource where it is used. This should speed up the work for replacing resources in batch.
  13. This should work like the deletion of classes. This should work for all resources.
  14. The reason no one comments on this, is that almost no one is willing to pay for plug-ins, even if they are really cheap. It's a real shame cause there are some really good plug-ins out there and they all go to waste, cause when no one will buy them, you can't keep them up-to-date...
  15. Mostly, I make all of my symbols: I start from existing ones I import and then simplify them, as most of the time, there is no need for so much detail, which speedens up working with the file and rendering. Also, I got better hidden line renderings, as when you keep this in mind, you can simplify the objects in such a way you get lines where you want them.
  16. Can you post the file so we can look at it? I don't get it by your description.
  17. I have this bug for several versions now, same on vista, 7 and 8, from many versions of VW....
  18. We should be able to define story level types without the need for design layers. They are two separate things. Things will be so much simpler and easier to use. I'm currently working on a renovation where almost all level types are changed from existing to new, so I have around 12 level types per story. You can imagine how many design layer I got when I have 4 stories, as I need additional design layers for other things. And from those 12 of a story, I only use 2 or 3, so that's a min. Of 9x4 (=36) stories I don't use. I really can't see the reason why a design layer is needed for defining a level type, other that to decide which level types there are in a story. And this can be tackled in a far better way by just adding the list of level types to the story in the stories tab of the organization dialog box.
  19. You can convert to group with architectural objects, the same as the hybrid symbols, because they are hybrid symbols...
  20. I also always go for this solution, you can't go any better at the moment, without breaking other things like floors and spaces that need to bound to your walls. And if you have a situation that really doesn't work with this, just draw your walls as one and use hybrid symbols to modify it.
  21. So true. The design layers should not be needed for story levels, that alone will clarify so much.... I just came from a customer and today it was about the storeys etc. People just don't get it as it is too complicated. It takes too much time to be able to work with it in a flexible way.
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