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  1. You will find that XP alone will use some of the RAM, as soon as you start using virtual RAM processes will slow down. It is my understanding that XP can only address 3g of ram even if you install 4g Rendering is one of the most intensive processes for CPU and RAM, how big is the file? Can it be posted? When I render large stages 40mx30m I always make sure the trusses are square profile, you dont notice that in the renders.
  2. You need more RAM, and packages generally get faster with each generation. Do you use symbols? Try the RAM upgrade first, then a VW Upgrade, do a comparison using a VW trial and you will see the changes
  3. Post your signature and also the file
  4. If I am right you will find that the layer options default is grey/snap others Is that what you are experiencing?
  5. If you go to Tools>Workspaces>Workspace Editor>Edit a Copy> Then in Workspace Editor under the Menus>File>Import there should be import pdf If it is not there then go to Commands>Import/Export> and drag the pdf export commands across to the Menus Do the same for imports, save and close workspace editor and you should then be able to import and export pdf files HTH
  6. If you have a mac they are already on the computer, just check the font library. Didnt notice you had XP!!
  7. You have highlighted one of the best reasons for buying Architect etc over Fundamentals. The productivity saving should pay for itself within a couple of weeks!!! And then you have all the other features as well, so for anyone using VW commercially the decision Fundamentals/Architect is a no brainer
  8. Working at a university, I handle a large number of student files, but it has no affect on any of my other files. Also a warning dialogue box opens when you reference or copy/paste from a watermarked document. I would disagree that it is a virus/viral like element/behaviour to VW.
  9. Apple are currently only offering the Octo-Core Mac Pro, ie Dual QuadCore processor machines. You cant go faster that these, it will not be long when VW is multi-processor aware. Make sure you have the right RAM, which is unique to the MacPro and is most efficient if used in blocks of 4, ie use 4 x 2 Gigs rather than 2 x 4 Gigs. It is also cheaper doing it this way. Also fast hard-drives will speed things up, although the the relative cost a 160gb 10000rpm drive is the same price as a 1TB 7200rpm drive. HTH
  10. More Ram will speed the printing process, $100 for 4 gigs Just go to HP.com and go to downloads to download the latest drivers.
  11. It works fine if you have selected the check box "Use at Creation" Then if you want to change the line weight, changing in the class edit box you will then change all the dims.
  12. You need VW Designer or Machine Design to have that toolset
  13. Set your class and apply the texture, under the class edit dialogue box. Final adjustments made in the OIP
  14. As long as your RAM is the specification of Apple, it doesn't matter who manufactures it. Apple dont manufacture RAM I still dont understand why only one core is being used. Also it is best to configure the Mac Pro with 4 slots of RAM, to quote from Apple. "The Mac Pro now uses faster 800MHz DDR2 fully buffered ECC memory, an industry-standard memory technology that allows for more memory capacity, greater bandwidth, and better reliability. To take full advantage of the 256-bit-wide memory architecture, four or more FB-DIMMs should be installed in the Mac Pro." Alternatively you have some faulty RAM
  15. Is it not the "Confirm before save" checkbox that needs to be deselected so you can carry on working uninterupted. Also if you autosave every 15 minutes and keep 30 backups you will have a file for every 15 mins for the whole day assuming 7.5 hours solid VW work. What is really needed is autosave in one timeframe and backups on another, so you could have a 10min save and an hourly backup.
  16. Something strange there, 3gigs is a windows scenario. Also VW should be using multicores, are you running activity monitor?
  17. Has this happened since you installed 10.5.4? How much RAM do you have? Trash the VW preferences and reset them, see if you still have the problems. Have you run Permissions recently?
  18. First things to check, what is your pixel snap radius, your snap grid setting, your display precision and your dimension precision.
  19. VW 12.5.3 only exports to AC2006, but VW2008 will export to AC 2007/08 You will have to wait for a new release for an AC2009 export.
  20. Might be worth checking out this link http://www.macrumors.com/2008/06/12/amd-announces-ati-radeon-hd-3870-card-for-mac-and-pc/
  21. I remember a while back having problems with printing, on an HP. I found an updated CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) driver and that did the trick.
  22. When a Mac sends a file to print it creates a pdf file, hence the ease of saving pdf files on a mac. Have you downloaded the latest drivers for the printer? How much ram do you have and have you thought of updating to 2008?
  23. This is a situation where hybrid symbols are perfect, allowing easy resolution in both 2d & 3d
  24. Have you got arial black italic as your default font by any chance? Have you tried pasting ariel fonts in from word as a test?
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