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  1. Hi, I am a PC/AutoCAD user working with an associate architect who is Mac/VW based. I know this is an eternal question, but what is the best way for him to export dwg drawings to me? We recently went through a background exchange and I had severe problems with his drawings. All the drawings came in scaled to whatever the paper size was...more disconcerting, when I print drawings with his backgrounds to my plotter or pdf, I have mysterious objects & hatches that show up. They are objects and hatches that were once in his drawing, but either have been deleted or purged. I can no longer see or select them in CAD, but they show up in the prints. Also, his files seem to make my plot styles drop out and all my lines are one weight. They only solution I could gather was to scale the entire drawing by hand and W-block the entire thing to a clean file. And this only sort of works. Not to mention the risk of losing misaligning orientation points. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Is my associate architect not exporting properly, or are these common problems? I will be posting on an AutoCAD forum too, I'll report if I find any wisdom. Thanks! K
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