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  1. Hi Is it possible for anyone to convert the exercise files found in "Getting Started with Vectorworks Architect 2009" to files compatible for Vectorworks ver:12.5 please?
  2. Hi have another problem Every time I try to fillet the edge of my model (highlighted red) Im presented with the pictured Error Box of Vectorworks freezes. I created the object Im trying to fillet by creating the shape in 2D Polygon Tool and then extruding it. Any help with this would be great
  3. My thread has been hijacked lol. Im still unsure if archoncad's books are worth the price especially if Im working with architect. I have money here Im just wondering if I can find answers to questions for free? So ive worked out it will cost me ?42 with manual itself; how much will shipping be? archoncad you have a potential buyer here
  4. Thank you Damon Design Could you also help with this one: How do you creat a fill for handrail 1. like handrail 2.? EDIT: Sorry its not a Handrail its a Guardrail lol
  5. I still cant get the hang of it. The only place I have been able to change the materials of mullions is under the Render Tab. But the glazing always seems to stay the same.
  6. Thank you so much for all of your help much appreciated. One last question I was just wondering whether if the answers to my questions can be found in any of the http://archoncad.com/hardcopy-manuals.html ?
  7. Thank you Mike but what does OIP stand for? Also is it possible to create a curved double line to represent a curved wall in a 2d Plan that can be filled with a colour with out using the wall tool which will automatically create a 3d object. Thanks for you help again & best regards, Portmanteau
  8. Im just wondering when using the "Window Wall tool(Straight)". Are the mullions always made of glass as they appear to be in my picture: or can they be edited with another material?
  9. Hi CipesDesign Im getting there, Ive almost done it.
  10. Also why cant this be edited (highlighted RED) its making things really diffulcult.
  11. Thanks CipesDesign I would really appreciate it if you could - that would be brilliant!!!
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