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  1. Lo! and behold! It was indeed a class visibility issue. What really threw me off was the VIP box saying it was just a 2D symbol when the 3D classes were turned off. That's when I freaked out. Thanks so much for the feedback!
  2. I have a drawing with several 2d/3d symbols. Some of them have all of a sudden lost their 3d elements. Weirdly, when I cut the sections through the space, the 3d info still shows up. But that's in a separate file that references the file with the symbols, so maybe they're not updating in the elevation file. Has anyone else had this happen? Any solutions? I don't want to rebuild all the symbols if possible. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I have a drawing with a referenced file inserted into it. I did it the "old" way as imported layers. Sometimes (but not everytime) when I update the reference it shifts on me. I haven't changed the origin in either drawing. They should both use the same origin. I also haven't globally moved the geometry in the referenced drawing, but it shifts anyway. Is this just a bug or is there some sort of fix? I've had this happen on a couple different versions of VW now, at two different offices with completely different circumstances. But the strange randomly shifting reference is causing lots of problems now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Sweet! Thanks! It's like magic! AND!!! It even opens the dialog boxes!!!!! I'm so happy! I don't know why I waited so long to ask this question...
  5. Is there a keyboard shortcut to cycle through tool bar options? For example, in the 2d reshape tool, I want to cycle or switch between move vertex, rotate, add, subtract, etc. without having to move the cursor up to the tool bar and picking the button. I've tried the help, but not found anything. It may seem trivial, but I feel like I waste a lot of time switching tool modes! Especially the 2d reshape tool and the move by point tool. Thanks!
  6. I understand that they do not import, and that textures are weird in Sketchup. But again thank you for an explicit and definitive answer. I was hoping for some sort of sneaky work around...
  7. I am having the same problem. My section lines are currently shown only in a design layer, and they revert to unfilled/no-line when I update the associated viewport or make a change to the section line. However, after a few minutes of testing just now, it's not consistent. Sometimes they retain attributes, sometimes not.
  8. @ Luis: Yes, I can successfully import SU6 with the installed importer plugin. Thanks for the suggestion. @ Ray: It's only slightly modified to include a couple third party plugins in the tool palette. @ Jeffrey: Thanks! I was hoping that wasn't the case (like maybe there'd been an update to 2008), but it's nice to have a definitive answer no matter if it's not what I was hoping for... Does VW2009 import SU textures? Or is there a way to get 2008 to do it?
  9. Pat-Thank you for that tid bit! It's very helpful!! I had practically sworn off VW hatches, but this opens up new possibilities. Especially notable is the ability to rotate the hatch via the modify-hatch command!
  10. I wish I knew! My best solution is to be fanatical about grouping and components in the sketchup model prior to import. It makes assigning textures a lot easier in VW. But my similar questions have also gone unanswered!
  11. I'm trying to import an object made in Sketchup 7 into Vectorworks 2008 Architect. It doesn't work. And by "doesn't work" I mean, nothing happens. With SU6 files, I would just (in VW) go to File-Import-Import Sketchup and browse to the file I wanted. It would come in on a new design layer. It would not import any sort of texture info, but groups and components would come in as symbols. Now, nothing. Nothing imports. No error message. Nothing. Is this a known issue? I did a quick search here on the forum and didn't see anything. I should add, doing a save as in Sketchup and downsaving as version 6 produces an successful import. But that's an annoying extra step. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Here's what I want to do: Make a Plug-in object that is a rectangle in plan view whose width I want to be variable. I also want two text fields for it. Here's what I know how to do: Create a symbol with a linked text record. But this is a standard "black" object. How do I get the box to be adjustable? Further down the road, I'd like to add a 3d component to this plug-in object. That would be a z-height above elevation 0 and an adjustable object z-height. But that's obviously more complicated!! An answer to the 2d version would be extremely helpful. Unlike the vectorworks help, which doesn't. Oh, I just thought of a good example: the detail cut wood tool is pretty darn close to what I want this PIO to do. I'm using VW2008 Architect. Thanks!
  13. What information is needed to diagnose this problem? I will provide whatever I can! As far as uploading the file, I'll be happy to, but can I upload a humongous (51mb) file? File Manager (the one on this forum) doesn't want to upload my file. It returns an error. Other options?
  14. There's a weird rendering issue when I combine an OpenGL background render with a hidden line foreground render: anything that's not assigned a texture by object, that is anything with renderworks texture set to "none" or "by class" is rendered in the fill color of the active class. See attached screenshots. And it happens 95% of the time, which makes it even more frustrating. If I render in Open GL first (no foreground render) and then once it's done, go back and add the Hidden Line Foreground, it works. But if I update the viewport, it goes wonky again. So if I want this result, I have to render each viewport twice. And that isn't acceptable! Cause it wastes time! Screen Shot 1: OpenGL+Hidden Line w/ Blue fill on Active Class Screen Shot 2: OpenGL+Hidden Line w/ Nasty Green Fill on Active Class Screen Shot 3: OpenGL w/no Foreground Render: Screen Shot 4: OpenGL Rendered First, then Hidden Line added (this is what I want) Thanks!
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