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  1. Thanks Ray.... I knew it had to be something simple....
  2. A setting seems to have changed somewhere and all reshaped handles have disappeared (on walls, squares, lines etc). The only time a reshape handle will display is when I am clicking into a polygon nto edit it ? This makes it very hard to resize most objects ! Can anyone help here ??
  3. Can anyone suggest where I can get a simplified chinese character font for use in VW and how I am to install ?
  4. Our company is considering setting up a VW user in our china office. Is there a chinese version available ?
  5. Hi There, I am trying to export about 20 pages of A3 drawings to a DWG file and I'm having trouble reducing the file size so it can be emailed. The drawing has 3D components on the design layer with view ports to the sheet layers. Each sheet seems to export a DWG that is approx 7mb. I have tried all the export options and tried "convert copy to lines" and then export...but with no great success. It would be great to simply convert everyting i see on the sheet layer (view port, text, etc included) into 2D lines and export........any advie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. All fixed.... Many thanks Jonathan
  7. In top/plan veiw I get the wall lines continuing across a door opening. In the previous version, the door 'cut' the wall so that the top/plan (2D) veiw appeared correct. How do I prevent this from happening ? Is there a door or wall setting that effects this ?
  8. I have created a custom title bar but the placing of any title bar seems to be reliant on a std border. I would prefer no border at all . Is this possible ? Or where can I edit the std borders as I don't seem to be able to find them ?
  9. Have now managed to find the answers to this in a previous post... Thanks
  10. While the window plugin seems to be very versatile in creating unlimited window configurations, the door plugin appears to be very limited. Is the a way to create sidelights, overlight or mixed window/door configurations as is common to aluminium joinery ? Is this done with the window tool, door tool or both ?
  11. Some help please.... I am trying to create glazed doors but cannot set the attributes of the materials (ie. apply a glass texture to the glazing). The VW12 manual explains that by selecting "style classes" in the Door Preferences/View window, the classes are automatically created in the document. This does not appear to be happening. Are these 'style classes' or 'special classes' stored somewhere else ? What class type affects the doors glazing ?
  12. I am using 11.5.0 and experienced this when a file was saved, closed then reopened. I found that if the path was converted to a nurbs curve then the problem went away and the extrusion maintained its position.
  13. I am designing a complex pipe structure using the nurbs lines to define the pipes centreline positions. The pipework is bent to a radius at the intesection of each straight run. How can I fillet the intersection of each pair of lines ?
  14. clipper

    3D Drainage

    I have used the piping objects and they work fine in top plan view only. How do I connect pipework between levels? I have tried using lines converted to nurbs to connect levels but with only elevation veiws available to draw them, it is very hit and miss in lining them up with the pipe runs placed in plan view.
  15. clipper

    3D Drainage

    I have been asked to provide a 3D sanitary drainage schematic for a multistorey dwelling I an currently drawing. Can anyone suggest techniques for doing this ?


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