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  1. thanks for the reply. i tried what you suggested but hit another obstacle, one set of data was made up of stake objects, the other of 3d loci which didn't seem to want to gel together. any more suggestions...anyone? cheers and have a good weekend
  2. hi I have a site that is divided into two parts. One half was surveyed by myself,and the other half by someone else. I am trying to merge the two parts into a whole but am finding the process quite tricky. I have created DTM's of both parts but am unsure as to how to progress. Is it best to convert the site models into MESH or NURBS surfaces so that they can then be edited? Does anyone have any advice to give? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers eegriega Vectorworks 2008
  3. hi i am currently using Vectorworks 2008 Architect and am thinking about purchasing Vectorworks 2008 Fundamentals. However I was wondering if it has the navigation palette that is such a useful function in architect for switching between design layers, sheet layers and classes etc. I have been told that this palette is unavailable in the basic version and only available in architect, designer etc. etc. Is this the case?
  4. hi does anyone know how to import survey data to create a site model/dtm AND retain the original point id codes with the stake objects? i am trying to draw elevations from survey data but all i have is a cloud of stake objects and no way of really knowing what is what and how it all relates to eachother. cheers
  5. hey thanks for that strange that the dtm isn't opening ok, i've just downloaded it and it opened fine with vectorworks 2008... thanks for the advice about the trees and the resource browser. cheers b
  6. hello i've created a dtm of a site i've recently surveyed with a leica total station and am having some problems with it. 1 the site has a stream running through it and i have tried to highlight this by creating a polygon and then sending it to the surface, and then render this using open gl. this is partially successful, however once i send the polygon to the surface it goes all weird(??!! thats a technical term...) 2 where do you find symbols/models of trees that can be used on site models? i presume that once you have said symbol/model you can use the send to surface funtion? 3 how can i attach a boudary fence to the outer edge of my site model? i've attached a copy of the offending file with this message any help would be greatly appreciated cheers vectorworks 2008 acer aspire 7520 amd athlon dual core 2gb ram 80 gb hdd windows vista...
  7. thanks a lot for that i've got it working on my laptop now. do you know of any vectorworks manuals/resource books or online tutorials? i'm pretty new to this (as you can all probably tell...) and could really do with some tutorials to learn more about site modelling and in particular section viewports and site model sections. Thnaks again for all your help with this it really is much appreciated! ben
  8. i think that the csv file is okay now, i had a double up of two sets of co-ords which when i removed the unnecessary set it loaded up ok and i can create a site model, however the contours make very little sense and i am having trouble creating sections through the site.ahhhhhhh
  9. yes with the leica Constructio Data Manager software you can save the file as a .txt, a .csv, or a .gsi file. however i've tried importing the survey data into vectorworks 'Import Survey Data' as both the .txt and the .csv files and i get the same error message each time :Error:bad data in line 2
  10. ok here are a couple of dxf files that i would like to create dtms with.
  11. so what kind of instrument are you using? i am using a leica builder r100m power, with the leica data construction manager software. however it seems that i can only get the data off the machine as a dxf file...
  12. thanks for these suggestions will have a go tonight!
  13. ok so how do i do that then...? do i create my 2d polygon contours in vectorworks using the 2D polys to 3D contours option? and then convert that to 3D polygons and give them all a height (z value)? answers on a postcard...
  14. given that i have the northing easting and height data for all the points could i not make a file that i could then import using Import Survey Data? If so do you know what file format such a table would have to be? would an excel document be alright? The Leica software only allows me to produce a dxf file but as to what kind of objects it produces in the dxf file i have no idea, my hunch is that they are either points or 2d polygons. cheers for the reply
  15. hey there i have just sent you the dxf file.
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