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  1. Valve is a real boon when you try to speed up complex networks. I am using it in a current project and I think it helps speeding things up when non-executable parameters are excluded while a network is changed via the OIP. I had to reorganize my network a little bit to work less sequential. But no bother.
  2. Thanks, @DomCfor the heads up! This is some very interesting news. Sorry, from your screen shot I cannot really infer the logic of the new, revised sorting. Is it as simple as 001 to 999?
  3. OK, I am seeing it again. Build 393163 Still no Idea why it is happening now. This time it's the Marionette itself. I'll keep an eye out.
  4. Ok, I just tried with Build 393163. No issue so far. Thanks for confirming, Dom. This may be fixed.
  5. I have been chasing a nasty bug that will stop the OIP from updating after a short time working with Marionettes in VWX 2018. Unfortunately, I cannot pin it down to any specific action which is ever so slightly annoying because it stops me from filing a usable bug... If anyone is able to reproduce this, any help is appreciated. What is happening is that the OIP will continue to show the info of the previous selected object or node until I go to Top/Plan view. Then, even when I continue to work in Top/Plan view, it will require me to press cmd-5 frequently to refresh the OIP. I don't know when or by what action this starts to happen but it always does (macOS). Is anyone else seeing this?
  6. @SMIplease contact Sven Biermann (sven.biermann@extragroup.de) for sales. Thank you!
  7. I just got a case in where autosave seems to be part of the problem. The client saves to desktop. Autosave goes to desktop also. She describes the following: "Sometimes, autosave stops working for some 45 minutes or thereabouts. I notice this always when suddenly, tools stop working properly: instead of typing text, I draw a circle. Shortly afterwards, my screen shows me the drawing's state of 45 minutes ago." Not expecting any answers but maybe this can help find the cause of the behaviour. Thanks!
  8. Hi @SMI, while we do not have an official dealer in the US, you are welcome to PM me with any specific questions you may have. We now offer a wide range of outputs to various CNC machines, as well as a DXF-based export that is user-configurable. So, we should be able to get you up and running with interiorcad ASAP.
  9. Hi all, I have just posted a video preview of interiorcad 2018 here: Keep the comments coming. Thanks for your input!
  10. All, I have made a quick video to show what you can expect from interiorcad 2018 (this is only Cabinet 3D - there are more tools/commands...). Missing a feature? Need more info on a particular detail? Let me know! Thanks! interiorcad_2018.mp4
  11. Hi, @willofmaine, you can get around this by scaling the entire network by the quotient between the former and current layer scale i.e. copy/paste from 1:10 to 1:50 -> scale by factor of 5. For the reverse, scale by 0.2. HTH As for disconnected wires - this happens to me and I have just reported a bug. Let's see if they can get it fixed.
  12. OK, good luck! I think what we need is the "Extract 3D" tool's function with planar set as an option but there seems to be no node doing that. I have no idea if this could be scripted by hand.
  13. Hi @jeandm thanks for trying. What you are converting is a NUBS *curve*. In my example, I'm trying to convert a NURBS *surface* to polygon/polyline. I tried your node and it yields no result for a NURBS surface. I guess we'll have to wait for an official way to do this...
  14. Ok the problem was some Umlauts (ä,ü,ö). According to the customer, some wrong fonts were set on the NAS (whatever that means). Using file names without Umlauts works around the problem.
    I could not live without the print node. It makes debugging just so much easier. Thanks for this great tool!
  15. I have a customer who has just installed a QNAP NAS and he is having problems opening VWX files. Apparently, errors occur when opening files stored on the NAS through VWX but also after files get copied back to the local drive. Recently, one file has appeared with the suffix "(encode conflict)" on the local machine. I wonder if this suffix was added by VWX or by the NAS' OS or by Windows?
  16. Hmm.. looks like a different issue but who knows. BTW it looks like the forum is breaking the links when copying and pasting. Your hyperlink comes up dead.
  17. The nearest I got was "Convert to Polygon" but that fails if the NURBS Surface is fully clipped. It seems to work OK with partially clipped NURBS surfaces. I guess that's worth a bug report...
  18. Is there some way to do this? Just like I would if I had extracted the NURBS surface with "Create Planar Objects" given as an option? Can't seem to do this with any of the stock nodes although it should, in theory, be possible..
  19. OK, thanks, Marissa. I was just looking for a quick and dirty Marionette to fix a user problem. We'll probably have to code this properly in the SDK. Labelling parts in a drawing. Always a challenge :-)
  20. Hi Alan, yes, that will be the next step, or, ideally, I want this to work inside the annotation space of viewports. Your example works but it converts text to polyline in the process. I understand why you need to do this. Text somehow cannot be moved in z. This was part of my problem. @Pat Stanfordthanks for mentioning the VS function. Maybe this will do what I need. I'll have to play with it.
  21. Hi Alan, Thanks for the help. I cannot download your file - the link is broken. Just to clarify: I am not having problems placing text on the screen plane or on the layer plane. The Set Planar Reference node takes care of that. What I cannot do is place text on a point on the screen plane that is a projection of a 3D point.
  22. Thanks Marissa, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. (In theory, I am doing that already by feeding pCenter into the text's position). But I have tried move also. To no avail.
  23. Is there a way to obtain screen x/y co-ordinates of 3D points or loci? I want to place text objects at the centre of 3D objects but in screen plane. I can find the objects' centre and I can place a 3D Locus there, no problem. Now I want to either place a text object in 3D or on the screen plane but where the centre point of the 3D object is. Here's a fake result: I want this to run as an executable Marionette, not as an object because I'm looking for a specific object type in the current layer to be labelled. I cannot seem to find a node that will return the screen plane co-ordinates of a 3D point. Also, there seems to be no way to move a text object to a specified location in 3D space.
  24. Hi all, here is a little preview of some new functionality that we want to integrate into interiorcad 2018. With more and more VWX users now developing their own Marionettes, we thought it would be nice to integrate Marionette objects into interiorcad cabinets. This is merely a working prototype but we hope to get this ready for the next major version upgrade. Stay tuned and for those interiorcad users out there: now is the time to craft your own Marionettes :-) Enjoy --Stephan Marionette_interiorcad.mp4


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