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  1. That‘s what I mean. After copying the entire network the three wrappers that import symbols (which is just a shortcut to declutter for me) have the opposite input connected but still to the same wrapper which results in the bug in your screenshot.
  2. I have experienced the same, but would consider it a bug: The inputs for the wrappers that import the symbols for the cylinders (normal and corner) switch the inputs when copied.
  3. Just a quick addition regarding this: When the network is not wrapped or converted to an object node, it does exactly what I want it to do.
  4. Hi Forum, I have created a marionette network to create new symbols for our company's library. After a lot of trial and error, I am almost there but can't figure out why the offset and extruded body in the middle is still there, although it shouldn't be after the planar boolean and delete. The created frame should be hollow on the inside like this. My process for now is: Type in proper dimensions->wait for the black screen to go away->ungroup->delete inner body->create symbol. I'm sorry about it being in German, I hope that it's still understandable. Thanks in advance Sebastian BeMatrix Marionette V4.vwx


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