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  1. Hello Does anyone knows how to reliably extract measures from a Solid (say, type 84 or alike) ? Get3DInfo() will return data that varies on the rotation of the solid ... For example, i need to extract the projected area, and the perimeter (projected on the ground plane) as well as the thickness...
  2. Answering I'm using CallTool (-313) to call 3D Polygon to draw the path ... inside the tool. And it works perfectly ... except of the fact it displace things when the layer has an elevation as mentioned ... Tsk
  3. Follows attach a .vst which has just a part of the function i use in my plug-in to apply the Path Extrude I'm attaching also a .vwx that shows the behavior mentioned... To reproduce: After loading the vst in there interface... - Open the document, execute the tool and draw a path on the top of the extruded polygon ... The tool applied profile in a path extrude modeled without problems... Delete the path extrude model - Change the layer to "Level 1" (which is 300cm above Level 0) Execute the tool again... and draw the path again using the same reference points over the extruded polygon See the result Border Aplication TEST File.vwx Aplic Perfis TST.vst
  4. Hello VS folks ! Sometime ago i implemented a tool (vst) that applied a path extrusion using some profile libraries for a customer... Using: createcustomobjectpath('Extrude Along Path', hNURBsPath, hperfil); And the result is perfect ! However, we found a weird behavior happening when we try to use this tool in a layer with an elevation different then zero. When i try to use the tool in any layer with elevation different then zero, the resulted path extrusion follows a completely different path. Trying to fix this behavior i tried to use SetLayerElevation(ActLayer, 0.00, 0.00); Before the call to createcustomobjectpath('Extrude Along Path', hNURBsPath, hperfil); It fixes the problem ... however, only if i leave the elevation of the layer at 0.00 If i try to call SetLayerElevation() to restablish the original elevation (after the call to createcustomobjectpath()) the result is an incorrect path again... Any ideas ?
  5. Yes, in my case i do need to have the levels of the top and bottom references defined in the style. But i could not find how to define these controls (mainly the top and bottom offsets ...) for the Wall style. Simply , the possibility to have the top offset defined would be enough for me ... And still think that, if it's there in the Wall Style Dialog Window, the parameters should somehow be accessible from VScript... Gonna have a try using the components in the style. Thanks !
  6. Hi Julian This function (SetWallOverallHeights) will operate only directly with Walls. But not with WallStyles ... What i need is to create a WallStyle and it has adjustments in thickness as well as in its height... Could adjust the thickness using SetObjectVariableReal(hwallStyle,1177,thick) But simply could not find a function (or a selector...) to define this parameter... Thanks
  7. Hello VS folks Is there a way to define the height sets in a Wall Style... I can use the object selector 1177 to define thickness ... (SetObjectVariableReal(hwallStyle,1177,thick); but could not define the selector for the height sets ... Thanks for any ideas !
  8. Hello Kristell: We from CADTEC thank you for your interest in Vectorworks. There are a few ways for you to buy your license of Vectorworks. We don't have an online story, but you can you use your Credit Card to make the purchase. As we have our address in "Grande São Paulo area" but if you prefer you can buy the license and download the installer online. Please contact our sales dept. via phone (11) 3849 8257 or via email: comercial@cadtec.com.br Or, if you prefer, just let me know here you personal contact and our commercial dept will contact you right away. Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone ! DId anyone here already experienced problems trying to add extrude along path solid with anything else inside VectorScript ? If i create an Extrude Along Path solid (via createcustomobjectpath('Extrude Along Path', hpath, profile); and then try to add the resulted solid with anything else (say, spheres...) using DoMenuTextbyName('Solid Operations',1); or with AddSolid() ... it doesn;t work ... The weird thing is that if i try to get the resulted solids from the script and run the AddSolid command manually over them it works perfectly ... Did someone here already faced this situation and came up with any turnaround ? Thanks !
  10. I created (VS) a menu command but i need to use this command inside an Object Contextual Menu... I can insert it in the Object Contextual Menu using Workspace Editor ... but is there a way to know (inside VS Script...) the handle of the object which was right clicked ?
  11. Thank you guys for the very quick replies ! David
  12. Is there any way to define the Description field of a class via VScript ? Tks for any tips !
  13. Hi Marissa I tried here... and it's crashing my Vectorworks here too ...
  14. Which is the best/ correct method to have this Python package (PIL) installed into Vectorworks 2018. I'm little confused because in the http://www.pythonware.com/ says that PIL is compatible only (at the most) with Python 2.6. But Marionette's Python is 3.5 , correct ? But i've seen a few discussion in this forum referring to PIL installation ... Is there a common place in this topic ? Thanks ! David
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