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  1. David O

    buying vectorworks fundamentals online?

    Hello Kristell: We from CADTEC thank you for your interest in Vectorworks. There are a few ways for you to buy your license of Vectorworks. We don't have an online story, but you can you use your Credit Card to make the purchase. As we have our address in "Grande São Paulo area" but if you prefer you can buy the license and download the installer online. Please contact our sales dept. via phone (11) 3849 8257 or via email: comercial@cadtec.com.br Or, if you prefer, just let me know here you personal contact and our commercial dept will contact you right away. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone ! DId anyone here already experienced problems trying to add extrude along path solid with anything else inside VectorScript ? If i create an Extrude Along Path solid (via createcustomobjectpath('Extrude Along Path', hpath, profile); and then try to add the resulted solid with anything else (say, spheres...) using DoMenuTextbyName('Solid Operations',1); or with AddSolid() ... it doesn;t work ... The weird thing is that if i try to get the resulted solids from the script and run the AddSolid command manually over them it works perfectly ... Did someone here already faced this situation and came up with any turnaround ? Thanks !
  3. David O

    Object Contextual Menu

    I created (VS) a menu command but i need to use this command inside an Object Contextual Menu... I can insert it in the Object Contextual Menu using Workspace Editor ... but is there a way to know (inside VS Script...) the handle of the object which was right clicked ?
  4. David O

    Class Description Definition

    Thank you guys for the very quick replies ! David
  5. David O

    Class Description Definition

    Is there any way to define the Description field of a class via VScript ? Tks for any tips !
  6. Hi Marissa I tried here... and it's crashing my Vectorworks here too ...
  7. Which is the best/ correct method to have this Python package (PIL) installed into Vectorworks 2018. I'm little confused because in the http://www.pythonware.com/ says that PIL is compatible only (at the most) with Python 2.6. But Marionette's Python is 3.5 , correct ? But i've seen a few discussion in this forum referring to PIL installation ... Is there a common place in this topic ? Thanks ! David
  8. David O

    Converting Strings to Numbers

    Yeah, that worked too ... Thanks Dom !
  9. David O

    Get IFC Pset Value error ...

    One added think regarding the node Get IFC Pset Value: In a network i'm working on with Spaces (see attached file...) i'm having a bad time using this node because when changing Pset parameters the node sometimes "stuck" in old values... i change the values in the fields in the object (in this case Spaces) and the node seems not to follow... I could make things work normally when i switched to use Get Record Field node instead... But i wonder why Get IFC Pset Value doesn't Is there maybe a trick to make this node update accordingly with new Pset values ? Thanks for any hints ! Test_Spaces_Chk_PSets.vwx
  10. David O

    Get IFC Pset Value error ...

    Hello Marissa: Thanks for your prompt reply... The object i'm feeding into the node is a Space object ... so, yes it does have PSets (several...) attached... The issue that i noticed here was that those Spaces were recently applied with the Space tool so their entity were IFC Standard Spaces not IFCSpaces... The curious point is that, the entity Space Standard shows several PSets (and of course... the one defined to be read by the node ...) in OIP The error message was not very clear regarding what was happening. Yes... i think that the absence of a parameter should not present an error message by the network Again tks for you suggestions and also for sending the node avoiding the error message ...
  11. David O

    Get IFC Pset Value error ...

    Hello Marissa and other Marionette friends When using Get IFC Pset Value node i'm getting the following error message (2018 SP3) It seems to be something internal in the Python code ... isn;t it ? Tks !
  12. David O

    Converting Strings to Numbers

    Ok... got it. Tks Marissa ! Yes... i think that in case we do have units involved we better trying creating a custom node and do things in Python instead ... right ?
  13. David O

    Converting Strings to Numbers

    Hello Marionette lovers ! Is there anyway using existing nodes to convert strings (like the ones coming from the GetIFC Pset Value ... and many others from IPFC parameters...) into a number or Integer ? Maybe the node Function could do this trick ? (but was not capable to implement this properly ...) ? Thanks for your valued inputs !
  14. Hello folks Testing the great (and brilliant) sequence of scripts posted by @sbarrett using GeoPy... I'm using OSX 10.11.6 I could manage to install Geopy to the target inside my user folder (i used: pip install geopy -t /Users/David_PRO/Library/Application\ Support/VectorWorks/2018/Plug-ins/Marionette). And the object is correctly searching for the data of different capitals and showing correctly when changed in Object Info Address parameter... that's really awesome... However, the object for precipitation graph is showing the following error when i change the parameter "Units" to milimiters... Any hints ? Tips ? Again, fantastic examples ! Show one of the great functionalities of Marionette...


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