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  1. You can also draw a circle and choose a gradient fill. This will import the gradient into your current document. Now you can go to the resource browser and edit that gradient.
  2. Hi Tad, This is a bug that is under investigation. For now, I noticed the plants will repair themselves automatically if you force them to reset - for instance turn off the random plant rotation on the info palette and then turn it back on. Darick
  3. It sounds like you need to delete the LandMark workspace from your 'users' folder. Which is in the same folder as the Vectorworks Preferences folder. Should be something like: /Users/Mike/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks/2008/Workspaces
  4. The custom tag does not make a difference for the plant report. Did you recalculate the worksheet after you updated the database row? There isn't a way to save a custom tag, but it's a good suggestion.
  5. While we are working on an automated fix for the problem with translating 12.5 files to 2008 the following steps will correct the translation problems. 1. Plants that appear with a -1 after them are caused by parameter differences. Use plant replace if you need to consolidate these items. 2. 12.5 plant reports need to have the 'botanical' database string replaced with 'latin' to match the record field. Or you can import a working plant record from a 2008 file through the resource browser. 3. The quantity field of the plant record becomes a string when translated from 12.5 to 2008. To correct this place a plant in a new document in 2008. Use the resource browser to 'reference' the new plant into the translated document. The reference operation will ask if you want to overwrite the existing record. Click yes. This will update the record format and preserve the existing data. The referenced plant can be deleted at this point.
  6. We are aware of a bug where image props disappear when the original plant object was created and the attribute fill was set to none. This bug will be fixed in the next service pack. In the mean time your strategy of duplicating plants with working image props will work and this is what I would recommend. Just to clarify the plant objects at the top level of the library file were not configured with image props. The plants with image props are located in the 'Preconfigured Plant Samples' symbol folder. Darick
  7. I'm researching future development areas for Vectorworks Landmark. If you have suggestions on how to improve Landmark please click on the following link and fill out the survey. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Occa7jJJGghYaYwW9MKnhQ_3d_3d Thanks, Darick
  8. This page contains a description of the new plant features and some links to movies. http://www.nemetschek.net/landmark/new2008.php?feature=objects
  9. Ok to get the wall style functions to work use a formula like this: =('__NNA_Wall_Style_Format'.'Wall Function') Note the single quotes around both the record name and field name. There's a bug where the quote string is being stripped out after its entered but it needs to be there.
  10. I forgot there's a problem with units. If you're working in feet and inches multiply by 12. =VOLUME/WALLTHICKNESS/LENGTH*12
  11. The following will give you average wall height for walls that don't have peaks =VOLUME/WALLTHICKNESS/LENGTH
  12. Joe - We would like to know why the wall worksheet functions are not working for you. Could you please forward the file to tech support so that we can take a look at it. tech@nemetschek.net Thanks, Darick
  13. Rachid, You need to download and rerun the new updater to fix this problem. Darick
  14. LandMark 12 supports shape file import and export. We will project and deproject on import and export to maintain geo-referenceing information while working in VectorWorks. We provide degree coordinates (lat/long) which is mostly useful for use with Azimuth. Azimuth is a third party plug-in that lets you create maps with different projects. We don't provide any other coordinate and we don't provide COGO tools.
  15. Mac is the same as windows. The VWL Plant DB Utility is in the Extras folder which is in the same directory as your application. If you don't see it I would suggest you reinstall. If you search the online help for Plant Database you should get about 12 hits. I think you want the page titled "Importing Plant Database" which can also be found in the appendix of the printed Landmark manual on page A-9.
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