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  1. I'm using the 'VA Create Schedule' to create doors and windows shedules. Is there a reason why my window schedule uses database rows while the door schedule displays information in a simple sreadsheet? The database row displays some confusing information I want to hide ??all I need is the sub-rows, or to display everything in spreadsheet cells (just like the tutorial video in the online video section). thanks
  2. I'm using: VW Designer 12.0.1/Renderworks Dual 533 Mhz G4 w/896mb RAM MAC OSX 10.3.9
  3. I receive the following script error when I try to open the Plant reference data from the AEC->Plants menu: Warning: _367 _370 - File operation returned error. Warning: _367 _337 - Read file is not open. Error: _367 _337 - Array ALLOCATE end < start: _353 It works in my VW 11 but not in my upgrade to VW 12. Any ideas? thanks Raschid
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