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    How can I organize plant lists by categories?

    Plant lists are alphabetical....if you want to rearrange their order the simplist way is to rename the list you want first with an "a" before it....and so on...i.e if you want trees first in order rename it "a-trees" and it will show first
  2. Mark Dixon

    Third Party Details

    Caddetails......How does one get an index by title rather number.
  3. Mark Dixon

    VW 2009 Landmark

    Can anyone tell me how(or give me a reference) to use the "landscape stipples"in VW 2009. Some of them look very interesting and would make good groundcover fills.
  4. Mark Dixon

    Help in 2009

    Yes, I had the same experience
  5. Mark Dixon

    Help in 2009

    To all that may have the same problem, that is 2009 VW Help not working....it appears to be a problem with Vista Ultimate....probably with a security setting in Intermet Explorer that I have not taken the time to troubleshoot yet...loaded Firefox and VW 2009 Help works with that.
  6. Mark Dixon

    Help in 2009

    Build # 94894
  7. Mark Dixon

    Help in 2009

    OS-Vista Ultimate Browser Internet Explorer VW 2009 Build Numbers?????explain please Thanks
  8. Mark Dixon

    Help in 2009

    I can't seem to bring up the help feature in 2009....I also notice that in 2008...it has gone away too...once installing 2009....I tried turning off McAfee...no results.....
  9. Mark Dixon

    Plant lists

    I have sympathy with you. Not even corrected in 2009...like I said, Landmark is a stepchild, yearning for more attention
  10. Is there a source for additional 2D photo realistic plant images. I find the VW images great to use, but somewhat limited especially with blooming plants and trees
  11. 1. edit plant definition-under "default prefs"...."tag Type" add a tag with these three properties "Qty,common name,scheduled size" or provide a way to "save" a custom tag. 2. edit plant definiton-"get Plant data"....in plant lists provode a way that a custom plant list can be at the"top of the list" so that one does not have to call up his custom list each time you add a plant. 3. Plant lists-correct the programming error that does not allow the "botinical name" to appear in the list....it now shows a zero. Thanks
  12. Mark Dixon

    Landmark-Custom Plant Tags

    I exclusively use one custom tag quanity&"-"&Common Name&"-"&Scheduled Size I would like to save this as a "Tag Type". So that when I create a new plant definition, I don't have to type in the custom tag each time. Thanks
  13. Mark Dixon

    Landmark-Custom Plant Tags

    Is there any way to "save" a custome plant tag? It's laborious to keep typing in the same custom tag each plant entry.
  14. Mark Dixon

    Landmark 2008 any core improvements ?

    sent the following information to : tech@nemetschek.net approx. 10 days ago. Here are some observations/suggestions. Subject: "Tag Type". 1.In VW 2008."custom tag" must be entered for each plant. In VW 12.5 once you made a "custom tag", it saved itself for that drawing or until it was changed. 2.If a "custom tag" is made for a plant........ that tag disappears and has to be reentered if you edit that plant later. 3. Suggest adding these default tags to tag list.1) Qty-common name-latin name 2)Qty-common name-scheduled size. Subject:" Plant List" 1.In VW 2008 Latin(Botanical name) does not appear as it did in VW 12.5.( a zero appears) Subject: Get Plant Data User should be able to select which plant list he/she wants as their preference. Current situation makes user select and wait for plant list to load each time you search a plant. Best regards Keith Dixon kkdnc@yahoo.com G01LK1
  15. Mark Dixon

    Landmark 2008 any core improvements ?

    I'm just saying there are a lot of basic bugs in Landmark VW2008, which have been acknowledge but not fixed


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