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  1. We're having issues with the plant tool in Vectorworks 2016 that we never had in previous versions. When we try to place a plant, it does not go where we've selected, but rather out in space somewhere. It seems to be related to its insertion point. We have no idea how to fix this. The best we've come up with is to create our plants, change the 2D graphic to be at 0,0, then delete them. Once we do that, they come in properly, but again, never had to do this before and it is extra time spent on each planting plan. Newer versions should be streamlining processes not making them more difficult and time consuming!
  2. If you select the plant group and go to the data tab, it will show the quantity
  3. Our office uses a 'Futura' font for our text, both in our title block and for text within drawings. We are having issues exporting to PDF though. Any of our clients viewing the drawings on apple products are unable to see the text - there is just blank space where the text should be. Why would this be? They are able to see the Futura font on PDFs when exported from Word and other programs, just not Vectorworks. It's also viewed perfectly from PC's. Will we need to change the font, or is there a pdf export setting that can be adjusted? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for the help. Ended up creating the walls as basic 3d objects using the extrude tool, then taper. To get the site modification, just put a pad with retaining edge on the back of the walls.
  5. Anyone know how to create landscape retaining walls that have a sloped top? I need the start of the retaining wall to be at 0.6m height, tapering slowly down to grade. Must be a site modifier too. The attached image has some walls similar to what I'm trying to model.
  6. Anyone know how to make 3D plants (specifically trees) to render with a transparency? I'm using XFrog photorealistic image props. Thought I could do it by just changing the opacity in object info, but that didn't work (doesn't seem to work for any renderworks textures either). Then thought I could adjust the transparency setting in the image prop, but it has to be set to image mask to display properly. Attached is an example of the graphic look I'm trying to achieve with my trees. Any suggestions?
  7. The grey lines occur everywhere that an image fill is placed, and they are the actual outline of where the image ends and starts again. There are no drafted lines like that in the drawing file. Interestingly, the same drawing plots just fine, without the grey lines. It is only in Adobe Acrobat or Reader that they appear. Not sure why the text is missing when viewed on a Mac. Guess that's whole other issue.
  8. It seems as though the image fills, exported to PDF, display properly on Macs, but not PCs. Can someone else with a PC verify this? Hopefully this issue will be corrected in the next update.
  9. We've recently changed our landscape plan graphics to use a photorealistic type look, and so have been using image fills rather than solid fills for turf areas, planting areas, etc. I'm really happy with how it looks, however when I export the drawing to a PDF, the images fills appear with thin grey lines outlining each image that makes up the fill - looks really bad. When I print from the PDF though, the grey lines are gone and it looks great. Most people these days, including our clients, will only look at the PDF's though, so I need the PDF to look proper too. Anyone else had this problem before. Please help! I've attached the PDF for reference.
  10. I checked and it's not. Thanks though.
  11. Our company recently updated our logo, and with that came new fonts. We now have a custom open type font. Unfortunately, when used in Vectorworks 2012, it is replaced with Arial on screen. Only when I turn GDI+ imaging off, does it show up properly. It does print as our custom font, though. Also, I have 8 versions of this font installed on Windows and only 3 are available in Vectorworks. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the tips. I already had a boundary and had them on the site modifier class, but I did try changing it over to the same design layer. No luck though, still when I change between existing to proposed some parts of the contours follow my proposed contours, but then some parts go way off. Is there a way that I can send you the file to look at? I use Vectorworks 2010.
  13. I'm wondering what the best way is to get cut / fill quantities from Vectorworks. For every park project we do, we end up hiring a civil engineer to get these quantities for us and it would be great if we could do this in house. I have existing contours from a survey file and I also have our proposed contours for the landscape improvements we've designed. All I need are the cut / fill quantities for cost estimating. I thought it would be easy, just make a site model based on the existing contours and add in the proposed contours as site modifiers, but it won't work; the proposed contours on the site model change slightly, but do not match my proposed contours. I would appreciate any help on this!
  14. Our office is having problems with the callouts for one project file only. Every time we change the callout text and hit OK, the program freezes up for about 30 seconds before being able to continue on. I can take these callouts and copy them to another file and it's fine. Everything else about this file is running quickly though. It is only in this one file; everything else about it is running quickly though. Any ideas?
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