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  1. Thanks for the update Altoids. I think I'm beginning to understand why some of my fellow designers, who originally got me into using VW, have shifted away from VW and the Mac platform. For now I'll plug along with the old iMac for a little while longer. Thanks for your information.
  2. Thank you gentlemen for this information. I am currently running VW 16 on my 2008 iMac running OSX 10.10.5, while my 2014 iMac running OSX 10.15.6 with about 4 times the cranking power has to sit idly by because it can't run the application under the current OS, even though the 2008 iMac is straining under the load when to comes to rendering, or even when trying to boot the program. I suppose I could re-install the old OS (10.12.12) into the 2014 iMac, but then I'd be out of Sync with Apple's updates AND I understand (and experienced) that that particular OS was rather 'buggy'. So for now, I will leave it as is, and hammer on with VW 2016 on the 2008 iMac, running OSX 10.10. It's exasperating because it's a waste of the cost of new iMac and the VW 2016 application, since VW 2014 and 2015 will seem to run better on the 2008 iMac than does VW 2016, Once again, THANKS for shining some light on this issue. PERHAPS I will look at installing VW 15 onto the 2014 iMac. It may give phenomenal results (???) MMMMmmmm? Thanks again!
  3. I managed to install Vectorworks Architect (VW) 2016 on my Retina 5K, 27" (2014) iMac but the application crashes on launch with an error message saying Apple will be notified. The application window opens, my license info etc. displays and then I get the error message, "Vectorworks 2016 quit unexpectedly. Click Reopen to open the application again. ..." The VW application is located in a folder, in the application folder, rather then having it installed the Vectorworks Application directly into the OS Application folder. Could that be the source of the problem? Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.
  4. Thanks Dave. I think I have it fixed. I managed to manipulate the image via the Attributes Mapping & Editing Pallettes. Where would I find the Attribute Mapping Tool? I'm going to give it another go here, and see what happens.
  5. No, I haven't but I fail to see how a horizontal or vertical offset would shrink the size of the image so that it fits on the object. The edge of the texture map is located at the exact center of the object. However, I will give it a try. Thanks for the help. Ron
  6. I'm trying to apply an image to a surface in order to simulate a book cover. I've divided the cover into front, back and spline, with separate graphics for each. The real world size of the image is 156mm x 235mm. The modelled object is also 156x235 mm. Yet when I render the object the graphic is much larger than the object. I can't see any way that the editing tools allow me to adjust the size and/or placement of the image. The Object Info Palette (shown) shows a thumbnail the full document to be inserted on the front cover. The screen-shots show the results of my efforts to try to install this "texture", but they won't Upload in either jpg or png format. I've spent over two weeks trying to make sense of the help guides, but to no avail. This used to be easy to do in VW 2008. The Editing Shaders Palette asks for Size and I've set the size by using the 'Set By Image' command. In the 'Set by Image Command' I've indicated the image's height (using the line) to be 236mm, but the Size on the edit window shows up as 156mm. I am running Vectorworks 2014 SP5 on a 2008 iMac, with Mac OSX 10.11.6. What am I doing wrong? AND how can I get it right? Also, since when does one give the size of an object by stipulating only 1 dimension? (PS : I hope to be replacing this machine with a new iMac in the next couple of weeks.) Thanks for any help you can provide. I am frustrated!


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