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  1. The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (NASM) is looking for a Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialist to provide drafting and design support for the Museum’s renovation efforts. This is to include, but is not limited to the coordination and translation of multiple BIM files from multiple platforms, updating the master Vectorworks BIM files and the running of clash detection for multiple AEC disciplines. This person shall also be responsible for coordinating and designing the placement of aviation and spaceflight artifacts at the Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center (UHC) location, based on criteria established by the NASM Exhibits Department. Additionally, the applicant shall follow Vectorworks CAD standards and utilize templates for all forthcoming drawing sets. Required skills include: · Exhibit detailing in Vectorworks for the creation and/or modification of shop drawings and exhibit design drawings during exhibit fabrication project phase. · Skill in designing with large objects in 3-dimensional spaces. · Proficiency in Vectorworks 2019 and 2020 (AutoCad or Revit proficiency is not equivalent) and SketchUp. · Proficiency in Vectorworks 3D modeling, BIM asset creation and associated parametric styles management. · Proficiency in Vectorworks Project Sharing workflows. · Familiarity with Revit 2019 to review other coordination work. · Familiarity with layer and drawing management standards in order to apply NASM-established CAD standards. These layer standards will need to be coordinated for a variety of artifacts organized according to elevation (floor placement vs. hanging). · Proficiency with Revizto, Navisworks and/or Solibri for the purposes of running clash detection and providing reports to Museum and AEC disciplines BIM specialist. · Ability to enforce Vectorworks CAD standards, including layer and class management and file naming protocol, to maintain consistency across drawing sets. · Ability to enforce BIM project folder naming protocols across the server. · Ability to maintain drawing templates with referenced plans to keep file sizes manageable, and maintain drawing title blocks for use on future drawing submissions. · Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, keeping Vectorworks plans and files up-to-date with new gallery updates, building updates, detailing submissions and/or artifact placements, rotations and relocations. · Ability to manage shifting priorities given the needs of the overall project requirements for the two locations. · Ability to communicate and coordinate with Museum design managers, conservators, riggers, collections, and other specialists, in order to produce accurate, annotated drawing sets in plan, section, and elevation. · Ability to communicate and coordinate with Smithsonian Facilities, contract architect/engineering firms, contract construction firms, contract exhibit design firms.
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