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  1. Why have iWork inside, then?
  2. "Could and would NNA pursue a Vectorworks app for the iPad. I think it would be a boon for site work." Agree!
  3. mar schrammeyer: One finger middle axis click: Third click That will do the trick!
  4. You're right Kool Aid... It's there only for Section Viewports!
  5. Viewports have it's own 3d conversion resolution setting in Advanced properties. Maybe that's your issue. The resolution is considered, in any case, per curve and not per object. Thats way the differences that you showed us. When more control over the geometry is needed, we use polygons instead o polylines. Also we make regular polygons (with number of sides as resolution) instead of circles. I think we need more control over this. At curve level to precisely focus it.
  6. That's true! It will slow down the render. The smoothing angle affects the curve in its surface. Removing the lines that will draw in it: 18 deg. is ok for most cases. But the resolution of the geometry for curves is affected by 3d conversion resolution (and this affects hidden line rendering, and his brothers: Dashed and polygon renders). I think Vw should handle this by object and not globally. Control object curve resolution via object info and with a number.
  7. Go to 3d conversion resolution in Vw preferences. Change it to high or very high.
  8. Here, in my country, everyone wants good renders. People that uses Vw for models, don't render in Renderworks. They prefer to render in C4d, Maya or Max plus Vray or Maxwell. It's some kind of sickness, always good renders! And believe me: it's a huge market in relation to the size of the country. For example, check the portfolio, of this company: http://lmcad.com.do/ Many offices produce similar or superior results inside their structure.
  9. It is an option. But you have to re-texture again in Maxwell Studio or cinema 4d (3d studio, modo, etc). The Idea of a plug is that you can do all your illumination and texture work in Vw, then hit render via maxwell, and voil?. Maxwell plug ins also support the creation of native maxwell textures inside the supported software.
  10. Cinema 4d already has a plug in for Maxwell. Archicad has one. Allpan too. It's look that the only one missing the party is Vw. Microstation and Sketchup does have the plug in, too. Maxwell is a render engine, not a modeler. So I think is a complementary software for unsurpassed quality in renders, but if you need a Render for the day to day basis Renderworks is Ok. For animation, velocity and Really Very Good renders (Not as Maxwell ones) in a tight timeline: Cinema 4d is a Shiny Star.
  11. This could be useful: 1. Object name should be show in shape. 2. Attributes should be in the obj info. 3. More friendly approach in the data section. An easier navigation. 4. Hide and show (objects) at object level. 5. Graphical previews: imagine a door object that show an isometric icon (like symbols) when you are in top plan.
  12. You'll get generic solids as Mike said. If you want to model walls and stuff like that you should try Vw, may rhino can well with other kind of complexities. If you apply a class to a Rhino object imported to Vw, you could make sections that look correct. You can edit those generic solids using protrusion, booleans, convert to nurbs surfaces, etc.
  13. For those that doesn't know maxwell, take a look to the gallery: http://www.maxwellrender.com/gallery/gallery.php
  14. With more than 400,000 users worldwide, can be a good business for Next Limit. VW supports textures and cameras, I think next limit can handle a direct plug in for VW. It will be really nice to have something like maxwell with direct connection to Vw. Already I use VW-->C4d--->Maxwell. Asked for that 2 years ago, in Maxwell Forums: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21511&p=211997#p211997 I know 3 more users of Vectorwoks and maxwell that would like the plug-in.
  15. The plug in is in the installation folder, in your machine, inside exchange plug ins. There's the plug in after you installed.
  16. Try putting your model in top. Not top plan. Saludos desde Santo Domingo, DR.
  17. Are you using dxf, 3ds or the plug-in? If you speak spanish and want to find some stuff reggarding Vw -> C4d: http://www.caedro.com/foro/
  18. Lofts must behave like multiple extrude! (when cross sections are used) Lofts must behave like extrude along path! (when rail modes are used) Agreed with the main post.
  19. lineweight: I think your problems is the 3d resolution. Go to preferences: 3d Tab--->3d conversion resolution---->High hope this helps!
  20. I have a machine running snow leopard (a litle macbook, 2gb ram... all things are running in 64bit, except Vw 2009 Sp4), and everything feels faster. Included Vw.
  21. Think there will be no problem with Vw and snow leopard. I have read that almost any app is running quite well in snow. The benchmarks are really good too.
  22. I second that. Efficent handling of documentation. Every aspect of documentation must be linked and interactive: Index, pages, drawings.
  23. M5d. About time. You will need some time. It all depends on the project size. That time will be retributed by quality and speed. It takes less time when you se the whole proccess, This beacuse renderworks is extremely slow, C4d is fast.
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