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  1. There is a CAD program for the iPhone by neoDev called cadTouch R2. It has not been rated well by its users and I thought NNA might consider jumping into that market. I would certainly use a program like that for site work on the iPad, even if VW was pared down to the old MiniCad framework (what I started on).
  2. Could and would NNA pursue a Vectorworks app for the iPad. I think it would be a boon for site work.
  3. I need to amend my first post. I'm at home running the same VW Designer 2010 on my MacBook Pro and cannot duplicate the issue. Both computers have the same applications.
  4. I'm using VW Designer 2010 on a MacPro running Snow Leopard. When I navigate in and out of VW to other applications on the dock, either by hiding VW (Command H) or by clicking on those applications in the dock, it causes 2 palettes (attributes and navigation) to disappear or become blank white rectangles when I return to VW. As blank rectangles, clicking on them makes them return.
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