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  1. Hello,


    Can't figure out how to make text objects appear in label legends.  Field text objects are just fine.


    EG: Text object in label legend 2d layout: "Voltage:"; field object that sits right beside it in same label legend 2d layout: "[Gets voltage from field value]"


    I've tried having them classed the same and differently from the field text objects that are working just fine, but no joy.


    Any suggestions?



  2. @jcogdell I had no idea you could do it that way.  Thanks man!


    Edit: I still like my way because I don't have to touch a mouse to make it happen.  Clicking is the worst.  But some people might prefer the clicky way for sure.

  3. @jcogdell thank you very much for this.


    Pick radius fixed it, but I will be trying the NURBS to make it easier on the rest of the guys helping with my files.


    In case anyone comes across this while having the same problem, the immediate fix if you're in a real rush is Insert on centre line > move 3D > move by increments of half your truss width in whatever direction;) NOT recommended good practice, obviously, but if the fussing around is the difference to your getting the plot to the riggers in time, don't be shy.  I just did that for a week.

  4. IT WORKED yay!


    Thanks so much, Script Wizard @JBenghiat!


    Edit: yes, it's weird that it was a default.  Must have been just in the one file I chose to drag forward as a template, because I don't remember it's being an issue last season.  Either way, your fix is greatly appreciated.

  5. So schematic views are great and all, but every time I insert a lighting pipe it creates a schematic view version, leaves both objects selected, and throws the pipe somewhere I did not draw it.  How do I stop this?  There must be a toggle somewhere, I just can't find it.



  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I make the truss cords hanging points the way the centre line is? Like, you don’t hang stuff down the middle of a truss, you hang it on the cords... I can’t figure out how to do this.  What am I missing?



  7. Hello,


    I inserted a truss. I stuck a sling on that truss.  I inserted a hoist.  Visually, they're all nicely lined up.  But I am reading zero force on the hoist.


    Do I need the braceworks add-on to get any load info whatsoever, or have I just omitted a step?


    Edit: I later converted the truss to a hanging position, just in case that would fix it.  No dice.




  8. Hi everyone,


    I'm a bit of a rendering noob, but I'm muddling my way through.  Certain hidden line renderings seem to keep causing crashes, though.


    Are there any guidelines as to things I should/shouldn't include in hidden lines vs other rendering styles?  Any reason the plan would crash, while a section does just fine?


    I feel like I'm missing something fundamental.



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