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  1. @A.D.K. You will need Braceworks in order to do calculations for Hoist
  2. The main cable tools do not have an ability to draw/display in 3D. We have added a new preview cable tool set that does work in 3D, might be what you need.
  3. @rseybert SP3 will be out in mid March, as to how many of the bug will be fixed I don't know just yet. I do know that the Spotlight team has been focusing on performance and quality.
  4. @fuberator One thing to keep in mind is that each unit has, if I remember correctly, 10 lights in the strip. So it's not just 30 lights, each light in the strip counts so its actually 300 lights you have in the document.
  5. @BenV If you find that you do not need DLVP or Schematic Views to convey your drawings then you don't need to use them. Spotlight is trying to move away from DLVP workflow as it does not work with MVR or Braceworks, it can also be a performance hog depending on what you are doing with them. We know that Schematic Views had some issues but we are working hard to correct them. I would check back in with SP3 to see if more performance and quality issues have been fixed.
  6. @symo Vision will not work with Plot and Model view, why we are moving to improve schematic views, and you don't need a GDTF mode but you will need a Fixture mode. Hope that helps
  7. You can also put all your rigging on a different layer and set it to "Gray"
  8. Currently we do not allow the water mark to be turned off unless you upgrade to a pro version, but I will pass this request on for you.
  9. @James Russell I am not seeing your error I was able to open your file and run the cal just fine. What version of Vectorworks are you on?
  10. @Daniel B. Chapman It looks like you don't have an image texture on the polygon. The image you see on the object is how the video will be displayed in Vision. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FAttributes%2FMapping_image_fills.htm&rhsearch=Image mapping&rhhlterm=Image mapping&rhsyns=
  11. Take a look again as I defiantly see it. If you don't I would reach out to tech support
  12. @Gaspar Potocnik I hope below will get you up and running. Vectorworks is using the MVR data format and this can not be changed. You will need to have the following a Channel number (the number you use to select the device in the console), a Universe, and a DMX Address. there are new fields in the Lighting Device for 2020 that will give you some display options you can find more in the Vectorworks help http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/LightingDesign1/Lighting_device_properties.htm?rhhlterm=Lighting Device&rhsyns= You can address fixture in 3 way with the Lighting Instrument tool using Auto numbering http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/LightingDesign1/Inserting_instruments.htm?rhhlterm=Lighting Instrument Tool&rhsyns= Spotlight numbering http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/LightingDesign2/Numbering_light_plot_objects.htm?rhhlterm=Spotlight Numbering command&rhsyns= Or the DMX Patch Window http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/LightingDesign2/DMX_patching.htm?rhhlterm=DMX Patch dialog box&rhsyns= Vision is now using the MVR standard and can not be changed at this time.
  13. @Daniel B. Chapman NDI will be available in Vision 2020 you should be able to download it today 🙂
  14. @Steve Boone So, in the Door Settings… you can choose Hardware and you can pick your own hardware. If we don't have it you will need to make a symbol to match what you need, maybe you could get away with editing current symbols @Matt Panzer Do you have a better workflow? The door tool is not my forte
  15. @scottmoore This is a good trick, have you also tried using an Alpha Mask with the texture?
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