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  1. Looks Great!
  2. Good point, I will pass that along as well and see what they can do.
  3. So we have confirmed this is a bug and the engineers are working on it.
  4. Looks like this is a bug, I have sent it over to the engineers to have a closer look and confirm.
  5. @Robert Janiak Thanks for your help we will look into this.
  6. @Robert Janiak Could you send us your file so we can look at this issue?
  7. @Rex Reid Sounds like your dropping in truss as a standard symbol and not a truss object. If that's correct you might want to convert them to a truss object, you can find how to do this in Vectorworks help. Also look at the truss poly count, if its high you should get rid of some of it as it will slow down drawing. The last option I have seen people do is to just draw the truss in 3D only, it will be wireframe in Top/Plan so not as nice looking but, you can rotate it freely in 3D. Tip, I know a lot of users that will color code the truss making it quick to identify on site. Example: 10' is red, 8' blue, 5', green and so on. Hope this helps.
  8. @Rex Reid There are a few different workflows for this. One being "Create plot and model View" Or In the OIP of the Truss click the "Draw 3D Only" CheckBox. This will hide the 2D info and allow you to rotate the truss. The simple reason is that a symbol will not redraw the 2D part to be correct in Top/Plan, the straight truss tool will. The image below shows that the 36' truss would need to be 28' ish to be correct in Top/Plan. Hope this helps
  9. Kevin, Vectorworks is more plotting, and still renders, if you want to do pri viz with video then you would need Vision.
  10. Snapping to the center line is fixed in SP2, I will need to test the rest but I think we solved them as well.
  11. This is a default Vectorworks behavior, however it's a good suggestions. I will put in an enhancement request to see what can be done. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. @CETLVokay I see what your going for. That is not an option at this point but I will put it in as an enhancement request.
  13. @CETLVyou can choose borders from the OIP Or you can use the soft goods tool as a border Hope this helps
  14. This looks to be a bug on the LED wall tool, I have submitted it to be fixed. A work around would be to use the Insert Load tool.
  15. Joe, First you will need to do a DMX recording. To do this open the DMX recorder window (Window>DMX Recorder). you will get his window... Record your DMX, when your done save the file. Then open the render move (Render>Render Movie) This will ask what DMX recording you want to use for the movie, and then where to save the move. Hope this helps. Brandon