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  1. Has anyone played with the idea of using the Fence tool to create lines of crowd control barricade? Would be interesting. Also possible might be adjusting the rope&Stanchion PIO? hmmmmm
  2. Ahh - I like it if I can do it with the Set to Operations on the autosave. I often leave the file open overnight or whatever - so purely open / close would not really be indicative. I was also thinking a simple excel style report where I could manually enter start/stop times and it could calculate hours. I'll take a look at the log again though. thanks 🙂
  3. Hi all, I was thinking of seeing if I could make a report in VectorWorks that would work to track my hours on a project. Wondering if anyone has attempted this before I give it a go! Thanks Ethan
  4. I was doing this for a while - but then each library update was overwriting my file. So I had to keep a separate file and then it got too annoying. (or some-such as I remember)
  5. How come if I use the the "AutoHybrid" I lose all ability to use the PIO data? Catch-22 - Can't make an AutoHyrbrid of a Symbol and keep the data - Can't make an AutoHybrid of a Group to make a symbol with data am I missing something?
  6. So I've had the "Log Time in Program" set on forever; and today finally went to use it. Does anyone have a quick workflow that can figure out the amount of time you have spent in each file by calculating the Open/Close times? Thanks 🙂 Ethan
  7. So I found a cute Compass I want to use for a North Arrow. I use the North Arrow tool and see 10 "Configs" I see the "North Arrow" file in the Resources Browser. I Edit that file and see 27 existing arrows - now 28 with my new one. How do I change the "Configs" to use one of the other 27 arrows? Thanks 🙂
  8. I was playing around with it - and I found that If I put one of the panasonic projectors into my drawing - That projector then became availabe to the PIO Screen Tool. I think it may have something to do with the correct Record being attached to the symbol?? I also remember adding symbols to the library file that the PIO referenced. However, this got boring as every library update and/or version release wiped out that file. I'll shoot to upload an example later.
  9. Hello all .... I realize this is something I should have figured out a long time ago -- however .... The Spotlight tools are chocolate-- ie - insert a projector, speaker, array, etc .. The Spotlight libraries are peanut butter - ie. L'acoustics, Panasonic, etc ... How to I make a Reese's ?? (insert the library symbol into the plugin tool?) thanks e
  10. Hi all, Is there a quick way to figure out BTU's of AirCon required for a space? Looking to double check my event supplier. Thank you Ethan
  11. That is very true -- maybe we can submit for inclusion in Spotlight
  12. Wow - this felt promising and it has a lovely icon Getting a script error (Image enclosed) It says t sa UTF encoding error ? Maybe I"m doing something wrong?? thanks Ethan
  13. OH - yes - swagging is a way of life !
  14. In a way I think maybe @C. Andrew Dunning could alter the stanchion tool to convert to a festoon lighting tool ???
  15. Made a couple ... thoughts ?? Cee Form.vwx
  16. Hello all .. Looking for UK / EU power symbols. Have to draw in 16A single phase CEE Form outlet 32A 3-phase CEE-Form etc ... Anyone have / know what those symbols should look like? Thanks Ethan
  17. I use the 2 side buttons for layer-up and layer-down The wheel button as command-O to bring up the layer/class/etc.. properites window the Top button I have set to various Layer / Class views (Active Only, Gray Others, etc ..) my middle mouse is still set to pan -- think I'll change to something else Mabye Orbit
  18. Hi Gerard .. Isn't this the opposite of what Symbols are meant to do ??? ugh
  19. Thanks Pat ! I'll check that out! I"ve missed that since 2008! Go figure Thanks Ethan
  20. Truthfully "workshets" are such a great concept .. but the usability is so piss poor that - IMO - you really have to invest a lot of time to get them right. To this day, there is not an easy way to know what parameters are called. Calling parameters inside the sheet is a hit or miss whack-a-mole I usually have to create a report with ALL parameters and then sift through to find the ones I need. Then I have to create a new report (or delete a lot of columns) to get the report correct. Also - if you rename - i think it was layer names? - you have to go back into the report and re-call them? This entire system - like much else - needs a re-write. I'll say it again ... NO NEW FEATURES --- FIX THE ONES WE HAVE !!!
  21. This is the technique we use to get hidden line as well ! Kevin beat me to it
  22. Thanks Jim - yes that was it - the filelname was long and convoluted ! appreciate it.
  23. I'm getting this error on DWG export? anyone find a solve?
  24. Hi all, Trying to export a DWG and getting the enclosed error about a Teigha library? Any ideas? Thank you E_


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