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  1. Same here. It seems to be file-related however, cause it works well in a blank file. Would love to know where to turn this on or off. Thanks, Mario
  2. Where has Bill's post gone? http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=90106&Searchpage=1&Main=19198#Post90106 is no longer available. And still, it would be nice if VW could detect if one or two screens are being present and choose an appropriate workspace automatically.
  3. That's what I did. No changes to the Scale Bar. Seems to work in a blank document though.
  4. Hi all, how do I customize my Scale Bar? Selecting the Scale Bar and using Format Text… does not change anything. In the appropriate Dimensions Class I have the "Use Text Style … at Creating" set and checked. New Scale don't use this setting however. Thanks, Mario
  5. It obviously hasn't been fixed until now. Also, changing z-value (or layer) of fixtures stops my workflow for an inadequate amount of time. Going back to 2015 right now. And if this issue won't be fixed, I will resign from my Service Select contract :-(
  6. Pity, that the mode bar pop-up doesn't sort symbol folders nor alphabetically neither numerically. It's quite useless when you have a lot of folders. In my main symbols file (under "favourites") folder hierarchy isn't reflected at all. So it's also useless, unless I change my own symbols to the new VW scheme with several files :-(
  7. Hi all, also trying to re-costumize my workspace to what I am used to. The Workspace Editor doesn't let me use the shortcut Cmd-Opt-D (reserved by MacOS). In previous versions I got a warning about this, 2015 doesn't even let me enter the D. (I have Cmd-Opt-D disabled in System Preferences. Instead Cmd-Opt-D for Duplicate Array is a command that I use almost every few minutes?) Is there a workaround? Best, Mario
  8. In the Ressource Browser you can find a folder called "Label Legends" that contains your LL. There you can rename it.
  9. I am facing this problem for a long time, but since I've got a 27 inch screen for my 15 inch MB Pro it's getting really serious. I was thinking about creating a script that would assign the small (notebook) workspace as a kind of "standard" workspace. The script would have to be triggered on exit VW. So, when VW wasn't run, the small workspace would always be saved as default workspace. When I'm at home (with the big screen) I wouldn't mind switching to the big workspace manually. I haven't digged that much into creating scripts, but I assume it shouldn't be that complicated to assign a workspace using a script. (Or is it?) However, the main problem is: How can I automatically execute a script on exit VW? I am pretty sure that this was possible in VW2009 or even before; now I couldn't find anything about triggering scripts by system events? Thanks for any hints. Mario
  10. No, I just will have to adapt to a proper behaviour in creating objects and watch their class assignment. Like it's meant to be. But if anybody in charge reads this: It would be really cool if the Inst Insertion tool would use the Symbol Insertion Options of its designated symbol. (I could think of classes for Floor fixtures (upside down)/Hung Fixtures (regular), dimmable (Tungsten) or switchable (HMI, Moving Lights) fixtures.) Also, when inserting a Lighting Instrument, the cursor only shows a locus, whereas with the Symbol Insertion tool selected, the cursor shows a representation of the symbol which is really helpful when you have to fit fixtures into small spaces.
  11. Michael, well, I do know the difference between Plugin Object (containing a symbol) and a Symbol itself. I'm just having a problem that the behaviour of VW has changed since 2009. With 2009, double clicking a symbol in the Ressource Browser activated the Symbol Insertion tool, I inserted it and had to convert it to an Instrument later. Therefore I didn't have to care about what class was set active, and I pretty much got used to not caring about this. In 2013, double clicking the symbol activates the Inst Insertion tool, so Lighting Devices now get inserted in the active class (which results to my Lighting Devices disappearing sometimes, because they got inserted in some other than my "Fixtures" class). In 99%, I want my Lighting Devices to appear in my "Fixtures" class. That's the reason why I've set all my symbol to be assigned a certain class. To me it doesn't make much sense that the Inst Insertion tool just overrides this setting. ;-) Mario
  12. Slightly off-topic, but maybe somebody could enlighten me upon this behaviour: All my symbols are set to "Assign Custom Class 'Fixtures'" in the Symbol Options. However, when inserting a Lighting Instrument, it gets assigned to the active class, regardless of the Symbol Options. Does it make sense? Or, the other way round, what's the purpose of this Symbol Option? Thanks, Mario
  13. I don't understand it, but it works. Thanks.
  14. No, it happens if I open a blank document and insert a Focus Point. Maybe some SP3 issue?
  15. Hi all, after inserting a new Focus Point, the contents of the OIP start to "blink", i.e. dis- and reappearing. Also, with the Focus Point still selected, if you switch to the Selection Tool, the Mode Bar Buttons also switch between On and Off. As long as the Focus Point is selected, there's practically no chance to do anything Any ideas? Thanks, Mario
  16. Since I do not need line types at all, I deleted all of them in my main Favorite. This makes the "Line Type" category disappear by default.
  17. Georg, you can change the class assignment of each label indiviually in the Label Legend Manager/Edit Layout.
  18. Joe, I'd use seperate files for working on the company plots and have a viewport or referenced layer of a "master" rep plot file in the background. The rep plot would be up to date in every company plot. The "visiting company plot" would only show fixtures that differ from your rep. hth, Mario
  19. Make sure that the text field (when editing the label legend) is set to a proper width (i.e. a width you would need for only one colour).
  20. Check if you have large text fields (or fields that are far away from your lighting instrument) in your label legend.
  21. Note that PDF pages are high-level objects. That means that they can be ungrouped, and you can use parts of them for your design and delete other you don't need.
  22. Oh... Since the audience area of that theatre is undergoing maintenance, our performance takes place on the rear stage area, while the audience will be sitting on the main stage. That's why they have so many flybars above the audience ;-) But indeed, there is a theatre in Munich, where they have flybars above the audience that can be moved away from and towards the stage. Quite cool... --- As I said, I have more corrupt files, but they're too big to post. What I normally do is: Import layers and their objects from my lighting plots into new files which already contain the theatre's ground and flying plot. Then I miss the Unit Numbers. This happens randomly. Sometimes I could fix the problem by scrolling up and down one page, and the labels would reappear. But now I am working on a file, trying to refresh the labels, switching classes off and on, but nothing's going to help. I am frustrated. And it's almost 3 a.m. Going to bed....
  23. Yepp, everything worked fine until I updated to SP5 and OS 10.6...
  24. Hm, I don't understand this part... What's a lineset?
  25. Michael, that's weird indeed, 'cause I convert symbols to instruments after the import, since I need to work with them. But this example could also be a work in progress, I saved it some time ago... But still, in the attached file (which I downloaded again from my posting) you can find the bug: There are two profile spots above "Reihe A" and "Reihe B" that should be Unit Number 346. The OIP shows the unit number, on screen it does not appear. Even more: The *symbol* "Pacific Zoom 45/75" should contain the opening angles as text "45" and "75". This text shows up in the Resource browser. It does not show up in my lightig plot. ? If I try to edit the 2d component of that symbol I could also select the former text field, but it has no size. Thanks, Mario
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