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  1. Then why by default installation are the manufactuers separated into separate .vwx files? It worked great before when I only had to choose a Martin.vwx file to add to my favorites. But now Martin is separated across 5 or 6 different .vwx files that not named "Martin-Moving Lights." So when they are added to favorites it just reads "moving lights" for many vendors. Is this by design?
  2. Hello all, I just downloaded 2016 and have noticed a problem. in 2015 and back, the lighting symbol folder held individual .vwx files for each manufacturer that had all of the fixtures in it. Now, with 2016, the "Objects-Entertainment" folder, not only has individual .vwx files, but folders for the bulk of the companies. When I try to Add favorites files to my Resource Browser, the only ones that are added are the .vwx files outside of the folders. Any .vwx files inside the folders will not be added. I tried to add this folder to my user folders in preferences, and when I drop down the list, it does not contain the folder hierarchy in the objects folder. just list individual files from each of the folders. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks. David Schulman davelite@gmail.com
  3. thanks for the info.. I moved, therefore I forgot to update my address. I will give them a call.. thanks again
  4. I am confused.. I have version 9.0.0 installed and would like to make my way to 9.51.. apparently, I have to upgrade to 9.0.1 before I do this, but there is no download that I can find in order to do this.. Can someone point me in the right direction? What am I missing? email reply would be cooldavelite@netunlimited.net
  5. Eric, Hey.. long time no talk..it's Dave Schulman from NCSA.. Question.. Just got a call from some big name designers wanting some renderings done in Spotlight.. I have been in VW for 2 years, but spotlight is so new that I haven't had time to learn.. Are you available this week to do some work or are you still on the road.. email me directly at davelite@netunlimited.net or call me at home at 212-509-0464.. talk to you soon. ------------------ David M. Schulman davelite@netunlimited.net
  6. davelite


    Just got a call from someone wanting to hire me to do some spotlight renderings.. I have been working in Vectorworks for 2 years now, and feel that I could probably make the jump if I had access to a manual before I begin.. Is there any way to obtain a copy (even a .pdf file will do) without me personally purchasing the program?? Any and all replies would be helpful. thanks. ------------------ David M. Schulman davelite@netunlimited.net
  7. Ok, how is this done on the PC. I get large drawings and the regens and moving around the program get really slow.. Any ideas? ------------------ David M. Schulman davelite@netunlimited.net
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