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  1. We believe making any changes to the referenced library file or title block style therein should not change the project data in the active file. I think I understand your question now, and we don't create references between files that have title blocks in them, what we term model files, our design layers are in separate files (with no title block styles) that reference one way to a final model file with the title block data, so we shouldn't have project data conflicts. A model file wouldn't be referenced.
  2. Hi Nikolay We have a template file on our server under the workgroup folder which contains various paper size title blocks and styles all set up ready. This template file references a library standard file where the original title block styles live. previously with a new drawing set up from template we would just input project data and it was all fine. Now, whenever that library file is updated and someone clicks update all references the project data disappears, and my opinion is it shouldn't, as that is per drawing file info, it reverts to blank which is our default on the title block style - so in your scenario, it reverts to 'library project', rather than say Project A already inputted on file A. I obviously have the option to break the reference into the template file if necessary, but this is new behaviour.
  3. Hi, we looked at similar process but in the end we set up using a saved setting in the eyedropper tool to copy and paste viewport properties/ visibilities etc, so we copy 'looks' from a library file. [That method could also copy specific layer visibilities, but we have all projects with a unique job number as part of every design layer name so that bit didn't work for us.]
  4. Hi Nikolay, appreciate your thoroughness in testing, I definitely prefer the old way!! My gut feeling is the old way is the correct behaviour seeing as it's worked like that since VW 2019 (at least) and could affect a lot of people sharing templates/ resources, so let's submit a bug report and we'll know definitively? Best regards Andy
  5. Thanks Nikolay, but this is different behaviour than what we have done for years, the inputted project data would always be local to the current document, it is ultimately a variable parameter within the style, the reference shouldn't be overwriting the input with the default each time? Your theory would basically say that a title block style could never be a shared resource.
  6. Hi Nikolay Thanks for your attention. See attached two files, a template model file and a replica of our library file with the single title block style in it. If you open the model file and update the reference path to the library file, enter a number in project ID/ project name in the title block of the model file, then hit update the reference. the project data vanishes. I've tried this locally as well as opposed to our normal server workgroup location. Library_Standards.vwx model file template.vwx
  7. Help we have a new issue that is plaguing us. We have our title block styles within our workgroup and we use a library file in there to keep title blocks / classes etc current for everyone. Just recently, whenever our 'Library Standards' reference file is updated where the title block styles live, our drawings lose all the Project Data (project name, project ID and a bespoke Client name field) and these fields revert to defaults, but the individual sheet data is retained. This is not a class issue, as re-entering the project data will display it until the next reference update. This is definitely new behaviour, has worked seamlessly before. In editing title block, link value and parameters appear correct. Any ideas what has gone wrong? Vectorworks 2022, sp5, problem apparent across a number of different Macs, both M1 and intel processors.
  8. Thank you both. I will do some tests to local drive.
  9. Hi, we've just completed our transition to VW2021 and I'm coming across an odd bug. On occasion, a batch publish of PDFs will be exported, and we are unable to immediately delete the files (i.e we've spotted something on the pdf we need to correct); we get the 'this file is in use' warning; despite the PDF not being open by any reader. Re-publishing to that folder will not overwrite the files, nor give any warning that it hasn't; which is a little dangerous. Only after dropping our connection to the server and adding again can we delete them. OS X Big Sur 11.4, afp server access, VW 20201 SP4. Is there something in the nature of the publish command that is causing this?
  10. Sorry old thread but maybe useful for others. From previous experience in London, also Glenn Howells, Campbell Architects, Stockwool.
  11. I have read the forum t+c's and can't see any prohibiting of job adverts, so hope posting this is ok, please do alert me if not. We have a position for an experienced Vectorworks Architectural Technician at our beautiful studio in Cheshire, UK. We are an RIBA Chartered Practice which is part of a turn-key collection of companies offering a full service from design to construction and interiors on high-end residential properties. The company is ambitious, with lots of work and a great package will be offered to the right candidate. Please feel free to call me on the contact number available on the website below. Andy Korn www.llamaarchitects.co.uk
  12. That's a really useful plugin thanks very much.
  13. I have just moved practice to where they are using WV2008 Fundamentals instead of VW2009 Architect that I was used to. I'm used to having multiple sheet layers with a custom title block on each and with a use of record formats being able to edit multiple data fields directly on the report. I can't seem to do this on this lower version; attempting to highlight a field to edit it just highlights everything in that column. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a limitation of this version? Upgrading not an option here unfortunately.
  14. We have a team of 10 working on a project where all the symbols are referenced to a single library file. However we are having the problem that if anyone adds the library to their favorites in the resource browser to save time, vectorworks reports the file is in use to anyone who tries to open the library to amend it. Is there anyway around this? VW Architect 2009 SP3, mixed OS X 10.4/5 users. Thanks in advance.
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