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  1. Was there ever a fix for this? Or a hidden setting? The alleged "save a set" workaround does not make a difference. Publish is using the on-screen zoom level instead of the sheet layer page setup as the PDF export boundary. Having this problem in VWX2023. Thought I would ask before spending the next few hours copying layers.
  2. I was just searching to see if anyone else noticed perspective issues with 4k monitors and ran across this thread. I am running dual 4k Benq 32" PD3200U. Here is my experience. WINDOWS 10 DESKTOP Home built with a GTX 1080ti and a slightly older AMD FX CPU. Both monitors at 4k with 125% zoom. Honestly, flawless. The workspace looks and runs great. Flyover perspective is excellent. 2018 Mac Book Pro 2.9 i9 with the VEGA 20. Mojave. Both monitors at 4k. UI scaling is needed. Flyover @ normal perspective looks awful at 4k and the icons are insanely small. I run VWX fully on just a single monitor at a time although both are in use. The WIN10 is a better experience. Your GTX 1070 will push 4k just fine. I highly recommend it on Windows. Mac, at least on my MBP, leaves something to be desired.
  3. My average show has 100+ sheets because every session gets a floor plan on it's own sheet which I then publish into PDF's either by day, venue or business unit. The sheet name I use is [BUSINESS UNIT, DAY, EVENT, VENUE]. When I go to Publish VWX changes the name to "Sht-1 [BUSINESS UNIT, DAY, EVENT, LOCATION]". I am constantly moving and adding sheets to fit the changes in my clients' agendas so it isn't realistic to manually renumber the sheets with every change. Please add the Sheet Number column to the Publish window so we can sort by sheet number or name. Not just the automatically generated hybrid name. This would eliminate, at least for my workflow, the need to renumber the sheets. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Mark. Resetting the user folder also worked for me.
  5. Yes. After installing SP1 the straight/curved truss tools do not function. This seems to only occur in a drawing started in VW 2017 and imported to VW 2018 first release. Does not occur in a new drawing started in 2018 SP1. Workaround for me was to simply copy and paste objects from a blank drawing or the existing drawing.
  6. New Drawing Insert Chair 3 from the Banquet Furniture resource Select the chair symbol you just placed and in OIP change it's class to new class/banquets-chair layout 1 Open Organization by double clicking the class tab Reassign the auto generated "Metal" and "Cloth" classes to Chair Layout 1 by selecting and hitting delete At this point the crash happens at a few different points. Either as soon as I hit okay to exit the organization window or at various times using duplicate array to create a seating layout. Why isn't there a dialog to change all symbol/group sub-classes to the new class with the initial class change?
  7. Channel and purpose are 2 fields I never use. The use of these fields in the instrument ID was pointed out to me in another thread. My usual fields are Unit, Dimmer, Circuit, Address and Color. I will be using Channel instead of Unit for now as a work around to getting the data in the Viz palette. Hopefully I don't miss a legend and confuse the heck out of some poor electrician. At this point my template file is causing more harm than good so I might as well just start from scratch and rebuild it with new label legends.
  8. Expanding the Visualization Palette to behave more like LightWright would be ideal. Just having some of the basics would be a great start. Unit #, focus point, color, dimmer, on/off, lit fog and draw beam. Double clicking on an instrument would take you to the Lighting Device window instead of centering on the light like it currently does. 201 thru 212 @ full = priceless. Now to take this to the next level, let's talk about taking Kevin's Idea for linking viewports to cameras. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=225759#Post225759 Using the New "Viz Palette"/"Magic Sheet" to create states (scenes) for different linked viewport RW cameras would be mind blowing. Basically, being able to save the state of the viz palette and linking it to the linked camera in any given viewport. Priceless to those of us who render multiple scenes of a project.
  9. Please create an option for leaving the RW camera in the design layer when creating a viewport from the camera. I just copy the camera before creating the viewport but it still seems silly.
  10. Please add the capability to turn lighting instruments on and off from the OIP. The visualization palette is tedious when you have hundreds of instruments on a drawing. As an alternative, give the ability to add custom fields to the Viz palette. User (unit) numbers would be very helpful for tracking down lights.
  11. Please add the ability to adjust properties of multiple selected lighting instruments within the OIP. For example; on/off, lit fog, intensities, beam shape and draw beam.
  12. Why do I have to restart VW in order to (sometimes) select lighting fixtures after using the flyover tool a few times. This shouldn't normally occur, but I have had it happen regularly when there were human figure objects in the model, their high mesh count can sometimes dramatically lag selection to the point of uselessness. This happens to me frequently, and in drawings that do not contain a human figure. Seems more prevalent on Mac. Why isn't there a check box in OIP to turn a light on? Put it right next to the draw beam check box, easy. This is present in Light objects, but for Lighting Instruments you would use the Visualization palette, it lets you control all the lights in one place. Why do I have to select a light and then take note of it's ID number and go to yet another window/palette to turn it on? I've suggested that hovering over a light in the drawing should give a visual indicator in the Viz palette and vice versa, do you think this would improve the situation? Again, why not just place a check box in the OIP window? How about adding the "Unit Number" column to the viz palette instead of the odd arbitrary one generated by VW? This gets tedious when you have hundreds of instruments in a drawing. Why does the event seating tool suck so bad, still. Seriously, duplicate along path is so much easier. Lot of improvements marked for that one, a recent post gave excellent detail of the specific issues and those notes were added to the case as well. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=180868#Post180868 Yes, an excellent post. I still prefer duplicate array/along path. This eliminates the spacing bug that has also been around for years. If you must add numbers to your seating layout just convert them to lighting instruments. Custom selection can be used to create worksheets for section counts. Why does hanging angle of straight truss still show grab handles and the select box in the original angle after being changed 90 degrees? Does it always do this, or does it update after a view change? Every time, both operating systems. Mac doesn't do the "selected" box like windows does. Draw any truss with the straight truss tool, change hanging angle to 90. See the blue box in the screen shot attached? I am not close to my Windows machine to show the outline of the original hanging angle. Why does VW crash when editing a symbol's 3d component while the design layer is in a Custom View? This should not be happening, make sure to get in contact with support if it's still happening after removing the Human Figures from the drawing. This happens without the Human Figure tool being involved. Mostly on Mac. I experience this mostly when employing the "glowing lens" work work flow. Flyover to a random view, select an object in the design layer, edit that objects symbol in resource browser, crash. Of course it does not happen every time. This bug has led me to auto save every 100 operations. Why is my default render mode stuck on wire frame even though Open GL is checked? How did you change the default render mode specifically? After changing in in Vectorworks Preferences, then going to Top/Plan and back to 3D, does it not keep OpenGL? Are you using saved views? They will revert the render setting sometimes as well. The tea pot drop down appears to have no effect on a drawing opened in Windows when started in Mac. I will test this again today. This seems to only apply to using the control + middle mouse flyover when starting from 2d/plan. Saved views work as expected. Why does VW insist on adding new stuff instead of making the old stuff work right? We do both, cant just do one or the other in any given release. Some of these oddities have been around for years. That's a choice not a challenge. Imagine if I told one of my clients something like that. I would get fired in a heart beat. "Sorry Mrs. Event Planner, we just couldn't do both sound and lights. Just one on any given show." I have been a VW user for close to 2 decades now. This is years of frustration talking. What's the point. If it's broke and doesn't function why not simply remove it? It was, it will only appear in the Legacy section in Workspace Editor now, or if Migration Manager brought it forward from an older workspace. Yes, I had to go fishing for it. The Human Figure is critical to my design process because it gives my clients a sense of the scale of any given event. It's tough to judge how a scene, stage or exhibit really looks without having a reference of size. It's not like in architecture where you can use interior decorations to express the scale of a room. That being said, I guess I will have to buy more things to get the functionality I desire. That's about as awesome as buying a new car that's missing a steering wheel.
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