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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. Relocating the internal origin fixed the problem! Thank you!
  2. How would I do a tapered extrude to a 2D polygon? I would like to extrude the 2D polygon to the red outline so it is at a higher height on the left and small height on the right. I'm not that familiar with 3D modelling in Vectorworks so I'm struggling to get started. Thanks in advance ūüôā
  3. Does anyone have any tips on what tools/textures I should use to create a flood event scenario on my 3D site design. Or does anyone have any images to show of work that they have done for inspiration? I would like to create a rendered flood event with water in swales / rain gardens and potentially on pavements / in buildings - so I can do a series of images from a none flood event to a serious flood event. Not sure if vectorworks is capable, but is it possible to calculate the volume water in different flood events? Based on the water flooding the lower elevations first? Thanks!
  4. @Hans-Olav I'm just trying out the locate to internal origin. Just as I was selecting all of my drawing and I have noticed that I have this line going very far away from my drawing - do you know what it is? Not sure if it is connected to my trees I have created using the tree tool?
  5. @Pat Stanford I've added a vectorworks file with some of my drawing in it. Are you able to look it and check my settings to see what is wrong with it? I have been struggling with it all day. I have put the walls on class 3D-Buildings-Walls. The outlines of the dwelling I want to put into 3D using the wall tool is on class 2D-Buildings-DwellingOutlines. Thank you! Wall Test File.vwx
  6. I'm not using a styled wall but I just double checked the wall with all my classes and a layers turned on and it still doesn't work. Do you have any other ideas?
  7. Walls created using the wall tool seem to disappear when put in the 3D view. I have checked the class texture and made sure the texture was applied to the walls. When I create a wall using the wall tool in a new file, it seems to work fine. Is there an issue with my file? I am using the student version of Vectorworks.


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