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  1. Thanks! We'll keep playing with it.
  2. I'm doing some testing with Energos to see if we'll be able to use it for our energy assessments, instead of OpenStudio or DOE2 software--we'd really like to use what's already there and keep everything in Vectorworks. @JimW Are there any new webinars or training videos coming out for Energos in v2018? The latest I can find are for v2016. When I model a single story restaurant--very basic layout--I get a pop up window that says "The Total Space Volume is zero." I can't find much about this in the app-help documentation. (My model uses spaces built from walls; all spaces, walls, doors, slabs, etc.. are included in calculations.)
  3. I'm hoping that folks are interested in this! @PatStanford Any idea if this is looking viable yet? Best, Chris
  4. Contact (via telephone) the sales team, and let them know about your situation. They might give you an extension because you are evaluating for purchase. We got a 30 day extension, and purchased after 15 days of the extension.
  5. Their proprietary "GDL" scripting language is a major turnoff... http://gdl.graphisoft.com/reference-guide and they also talk about database connectivity in a really deceiving way--they refer to text files as databases. (I was looking for ODBC functionality) From their documentation: http://gdl.graphisoft.com/reference-guide/gdl-data-io-add-on I disqualified them as a potential CAD solution, because of their "we, and only we, run your CAD-life" attitude and product. (Also the VW forum has a dark theme now 😃) Our business deals with Building Automation, Monitoring/Controls, Energy Assessments, Green Stuff..... VW is most definitely a BIM application, and so flexible (especially thanks to python/marionette and ODBC/externalDB support) that we are able to use it to streamline and automate workflows without relying on out-of-box features or toolsets from VW. The Vectorworks team is very different from what you experienced over at Graphisoft. We were coming from Google SketchUp (NYS was requiring us to do modeling in a Sketchup plugin called OpenStudio). The enthusiastic VW sales team only boasted about their product, and didn't go further than mentioning that a dataless model in Sketchup is very clearly not as helpful as a model that's loaded with data, that's got all kinds of integration potential. We were accommodated so well during the free trial, and brief trial extension, that we started feeling guilty about taking up support resources. Best of luck to you @CARMELHILL
  6. Thanks @JimW for clearing that up for us! Best,
  7. @JimW Super! I'm getting some info together for my employer, and want to confirm a few details. Is the pre-early-bird waived resort fee referring to the $199/night fee for accommodations, or is there another resort-related fee that is waived? Any news on extending the conference for an extra day of marionette? (This is particularly exciting to us.) Many thanks!
  8. I'm also experiencing the same issues with Fast Renderworks and Final Quality Renderworks... ... and I experienced this issue too.
  9. We are also looking for this feature. We'd like to create an environment where our team--not draftsfolk or developers--can work with the marionette and library content, without accidentally making changes. Version control is super important to us, because we are using VWx to manage massive quantities of technical specifications for provisioning network equipment, to track serial numbers, to auto-provision web-based dashboard views and custom objects' various records, and to populate dozens of reports. If the team accidentally modified a record format, we will run into time consuming problems--there's only a couple of us who really know when there's an issue with strings of hexadecimal data or object naming schemes. Having this functionality would take the learning curve way down, especially for the people who need to provision and maintain the objects and records in an existing model. We want to lock (with password protection) library content and code view of the marionette nodes. Locking/password protecting the "Object Info">"Data Tab" (to prevent record editing anywhere but the shape tab) and layers would also be great. Cheers,
  10. It works! Thanks for getting back with a solution. It's a great feature, and we're excited to use it.
  11. Hi @MarissaF , Do you have a link to your video/docs about the Library node--for importing python libraries? I can't seem to find it on the forums. Many thanks.
  12. The Shape tab, in the Object Info pane, doesn't update unless I toggle between design layers. I can also right click on an object and select "Properties..." to get an updated view of what the shape tab should be displaying. Layer and Class options set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others." Any idea why this could be happening?
  13. @Marissa Farrell This network was made with only nodes from the 2018 library. I sent you a PM with the file; thanks for the help!
  14. @Marissa Farrell Thanks for the speedy reply. I downloaded this from the forum, for use in v2018. It came to me with "v2017". I'm working on a project in a clean file, not using any nodes outside of the marionette library. I'm not having the issue now, but I did earlier today and had to delete half of the project. I'll be sure to send you a copy when it becomes an issue again.
  15. Sometimes, connections between nodes are not retained when I move the nodes around. It looks as if the nodes were never connected in the first place, even though I snapped an output to an acceptable input. The attached PDF shows nodes from a shared resource on the forum; I've also attached the VWX file. The string input nodes are not connected to anything, but they have wires running to floating circles. I made sure that all classes and layers are visible, so I'm certain that there aren't any hidden nodes. The wires can be unsnapped from the mysterious circles, and reconnected to a proper node. This issue occurs when I copy+paste portions of a marionette network for re-use in another marionette network, or when I relocate portions of a marionette network. The issue reappears, even after connecting to the correct node. marionette_issue_nodes-not-connecting.pdf ODBC_v2017_v2018.vwx
  16. Hi @JimW, Thanks for going dark! The forum looks fantastic. The text in this post is still formatted as black in the dark theme, making it difficult to read. Link: Best,
  17. Check your Class and Layer visibility settings. When you edit symbols, you can still control those settings.
  18. When I attempt to start VWx Remote Server, the application stops working and closes. (Even after a system restart) I'm running Designer 2018 Build 401138 on a Windows machine. Is anyone else having this issue?
  19. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I was able to get my symbol recognized as a lighting instrument, but then I lost the ability to edit the subcomponent records. Looks like a bust. I have a support call scheduled for tomorrow, so if the VWx team has any ideas, I'll pass them on.
  20. I'm still hoping that the Label Legend Manager will be unlocked for use with any symbol + record. @michaelk, have you found a way to circumvent this? I attempted to convert custom symbols to lighting instruments, but that feature won't associate the light info records required to use LLM. I tried to add the same IFC record that Lighting Instruments use, and didn't have any luck with that either--the Shape tab won't update with the lighting instrument fields. Happy President's Day
  21. Thanks again, Hippocode. I looked up those functions and marionette tutorials. I tried some different modeling approaches and marionette scripts over the last week and have everything behaving the way I'd like it to. CXS
  22. Thanks Hippocode! These are hybrid symbols. I will check out objects and report back.
  23. Hello, I've made some hybrid symbol objects; each object has multiple associated records. There is--what I am considering--a "global record" which contains some global information for the object. In this case, I'm talking about a field that specifies the ID of the object. I looked at the docs but couldn't find anything about calling the ID field value of the global record from within the other ID fields of the rest of the associated records for that object. Here's some info about the records associated with TESTObject: Record called "Global" ID: [text] EQUIP: [number, default 1] POINT: [number, default 1] Record called "SubComponent1" GlobalID: [I want this field to call it's value from TESTObject's 'Global' record's 'ID' field] ... --other fields-- ... Does anyone know if this is a feature of VectorWorks? I'm running the trial license right now, in case that's relevant.
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