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  1. Nicolas Goutte

    Downgrade from VW 2019 SP3.1 to SP 3.0

    You should be able to use the online updater, see this post from Jim Wilson:
  2. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2019 Offline Update

    Does it work if you specify only one SP (be it SP2 or SP3 ?) At least the command line given in the German VW forum shows only one version number, not two: https://www.vectorworksforum.eu/topic/10341-vectorworks-2019-updater/?do=findComment&comment=52213 ) Also, as you are apparently attempting to update a Dutch VW. Are you sure that the updates are called "SP2" and "SP3" and not otherwise?
  3. H'm, that is the first time I hear something like that. So, sorry, I cannot help you.
  4. Locks through AFP will always behave otherwise than locks through SMB. That is totally independent of VW. See also following articles of Jim Wilson, which are not only useful in the case of project sharing. As for your other questions, sorry, I do not have any idea.
  5. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    Yes, that is interiorcad's XG Resource system. All 4 screenshots are typically of problems with the XG Resource system. Indeed its folder is inside VW user folder. There are a few typical problems with non-working XG Resource system. Most of the time it will not be solved by reinstalling (especially if there is something already in the user folder, e.g. a misconfigured setting). Of course write permission problems could be there, but mostly in that case, VW itself complains if the user folder is not allowed to be written before interiorcad complains.
  6. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    No, that is probably not the problem and installing it new will probably not solve it either. As the dialog tells interiorcad support should be contacted. (As this is a VW forum, not an interiorcad one, I will not get into the details.)
  7. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    That is interiorcad, not VW. Therefore it is our support that you should contact.
  8. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2016 and Mojave

    And also see this quote: "Vectorworks 2017 & earlier: If you use a version of Vectorworks that was released prior to Vectorworks 2018, we recommend that you DO NOT upgrade your operating system, because critical bugs were introduced in the release of macOS Mojave that will affect the performance and stability of Vectorworks." From
  9. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2016 and Mojave

    Officially it is not supported, not even VW 2016 on macOS 10.13 is:
  10. Nicolas Goutte

    Beginner questions

    Alternatively, you can call "Refresh Libraries" in the Resource Manager (from the "cog wheel" menu).
  11. Nicolas Goutte

    Module registration order

    I would say that if it has worked that way for you until now, then you should keep it.
  12. Nicolas Goutte

    Module registration order

    Ah yes, then it is problematic. I do not know if this is the recommended way to do that or if there would be another.
  13. Nicolas Goutte

    Module registration order

    I doubt that modules are loaded alphabetically. (I suppose that it is more the order in which the operating system is listing the files.) Mostly however it does not matter. You register the VCOM interfaces you define and then when really something is called in your modules, then alle VCOM interfaces are registered and you can use them.
  14. Nicolas Goutte

    How to set Hatch Pattern by sdk?

    You have to negate the internal index when setting: gSDK->SetFillPat(errorBox, -hatchIndex);
  15. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks Viewer hardware specs

    I suppose that there are no separate hardware specification, as the viewer comes from the same code base, as far as I know. Therefore I would assume that it has similar needs.
  16. Nicolas Goutte

    How to set Hatch Pattern by sdk?

    If I remember well and if I am not mixing it up with something else, you have to use -hatchIndex to set an hatch. (I cannot find back a discussion I have in mind, so probably it was a private email exchange and not a post in this forum or in the old SDK mailing list.)
  17. Quota is a way to limit the size of files owned by a single user on a drive. So if the user trying to connect is using more than what he is entitled, he cannot write anything (probably not even a lock file). Of source, from remote, I can only guess if your are using quotas or not.
  18. Have you quota enabled on the SMB share? That may be also a reason for "the drive is full".
  19. Nicolas Goutte

    Converting resource library from 2018 to 2019

    You can use Batch Convert to convert lots of files from 2018 to 2019.
  20. Nicolas Goutte

    Changing of laptop and licence conflict

    Sorry, but we cannot see any image in this thread. (May-be it is that what @Jim Wilson meant and why he cannot help you.)
  21. Nicolas Goutte

    Dashed lines

    Ah, sorry, I had forgoten that "Ungroup" does not work with Extrudes. Then you have the possibility to "edit" the extrudes (e.g. from the context menu). Then you get the path of the Extrude, which you can copy (instead of having to re-create it).
  22. Nicolas Goutte

    Dashed lines

    Try using "Ungroup"
  23. Nicolas Goutte

    How to get the view matrix.

    There was a bug back in VW 2015 SDK, see our previous discussion ūüėČ
  24. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2010 - Mac OS requirements?

    VW 2010 does not seem to run on MacOS 10.7 or higher, at least according to:
  25. Nicolas Goutte

    Unable to Borrow VW2018 SP6 License?

    Have you double-checked your firewall settings?


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