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  1. Nicolas Goutte

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    OK, thanks, that is what I thought. Because on the wooden side, from what I see, the world is not that simple.
  2. Nicolas Goutte

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    Out of curiosity (as one of the developers taking care of interiorcad's NC-Export): when you tell "quite a few options out there to convert e.g. STEP files into generic CNC files", are you taking about wood CNC machines or metal/plastic ones?
  3. Nicolas Goutte

    How do I avoid the wall insertion of my plugin?

    Try: gSDK->SetObjectProperty(objID, kObjXPropPreventWallInsertion, true); (Where ObjID ist the MCObjectHandle.)
  4. Nicolas Goutte

    VW not Using GPU

    As far as I understand, Renderworks uses the CPU, while 2D and OpenGL use the GPU.
  5. Nicolas Goutte

    VW not Using GPU

    And here is the article of Jim Wilson on how to use the NVidia settings (sorry, I have not found at first)
  6. Nicolas Goutte

    VW not Using GPU

    Check the following document. Partially it tells how CPU and GPU are used in VW. On your Windows PC, check the NVidia settings to make extra sure your good GPU (NVidia) is used and not the one of your motherboard.
  7. Nicolas Goutte

    .bak files and autosaves

    Even if it is not the post or thread I meant, you may see also
  8. Nicolas Goutte

    .bak files and autosaves

    If I remember well, some VW employee (Jim Wilson?) had explained it somewhere in the forum. VW tries to save the file by first saving a new file, renames the old file to the backup file name, then renames the new file to the old file's original name, delete the backup file. So probably the Backup-Files (.bak) were kept, as something went wrong along the line (possibly just VW could not delete the backup file).
  9. Nicolas Goutte

    Get the program state via SDK ?

    I think that at least very difficult to react pragmatically to a crash, as a crash is by definition a situation where a program does not know to do else than to abort its execution. Assuming Windows: as for debugging a crash manually afterwards, well that is possible in your plug-ins if you keep them PDB files (of course you have to generate them, even in Release it is possible and you do not need to ship them to the customer. You indeed need the crash dump from the customer too (see his VW user folder). Of course, as it is your PDB file and the one of VW, you will have probably plenty of Vectorworks.exe+offset entries in the trace stack, but mostly it should not hinder you to fix a bug in your code. (I am quite sure there was a good web page somewhere on MSDN how to debug with a dump file and a PDB file, however I cannot find that web site right now, sorry. It is already a few years back when we had to do it, because we could not reproduce a bug by ourselves.)
  10. Nicolas Goutte

    Toggling between Document Tabs

    I can understand that you have constraints. I have just wanted to stress out what is written in the recommendation. Sure, Jim Wilson would be the expert to answer on such a question but as he is not an employee of VW any more, I would not expect an answer from him (too soon). As for a recommendation, sorry, I cannot give you one. First, I am not an expert, second our company (extragroup GmbH) has a general policy not to give hardware recommendations... so that is even more true for this forum.
  11. Nicolas Goutte

    Toggling between Document Tabs

    Well, the system recommendations for VW 2019 have this sentence in the section "Minimum Hardware Profile" for Intel Iris GPUs (which apparently the 650 is part of): "Some integrated graphics cards such as Intel Iris graphics are acceptable for simple models/drawings, but a dedicated graphics card is preferable."
  12. Nicolas Goutte

    2019 Wont Boot Past Loading User Preferences

    Have you changed your serial number recently? Otherwise, if it is that urgent, go to your VW user folder and rename it. Try to start VW again. Does it work after that?
  13. It depends on the serial number. The 3rd letter of your serial number must be X to be able to do that. See this article from Jim Wilson:
  14. Nicolas Goutte

    Mac & PC on two machines (same license)?

    Yes, you can do that. Activation will work too. You can just not run both Vectorworks exactly at the same time, but just alternatively. (To be sure check that the 3rd letter of your serial number is X. However as far as I know, platform-depedant serial numbers have not been issued for years. see this article from Jim Wilson: )
  15. A user has asked in the German forum how to call the "Export to Vectorworks 201x" menu commands from VS by using DoMenuTextByName : https://www.vectorworksforum.eu/topic/12082-export-in-ältere-vectorworks-version-via-vectorscript/?tab=comments#comment-53327 I had an idea but it did not work out. Has somebody in this forum another idea?
  16. Nicolas Goutte

    Call "Export to Vectorworks 201x" from VS?

    Thank you very much. That did it for me. It seems that 'Export Previous File Version' is the universal name, so I did not need to translate it. I hope that it can help the German user too.
  17. Nicolas Goutte

    How to Mirror a 2D symbol with the SDK as with the mirror tool?

    Using a transform matrix was what I was about to recommend, but I was unsure for a 2D-Symbol, especially in VW 2015. (However, sorry, I had no time to test it, even on a newer VW.)
  18. Nicolas Goutte

    Getting all parameters of build in objects (line, rects, ...)

    Those are not parametric objects (they have not type 86 (or what is it for parametric objects)). You can check in the VWSDK, the path Include\Interfaces\VectorWorks\Objects. There are a few interfaces for simple VW objects. Your code should check the type of the object (ISDK::GetObjectTypeN) and then use the class needed for the specific object.
  19. Nicolas Goutte

    Downgrade from VW 2019 SP3.1 to SP 3.0

    You should be able to use the online updater, see this post from Jim Wilson:
  20. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2019 Offline Update

    Does it work if you specify only one SP (be it SP2 or SP3 ?) At least the command line given in the German VW forum shows only one version number, not two: https://www.vectorworksforum.eu/topic/10341-vectorworks-2019-updater/?do=findComment&comment=52213 ) Also, as you are apparently attempting to update a Dutch VW. Are you sure that the updates are called "SP2" and "SP3" and not otherwise?
  21. H'm, that is the first time I hear something like that. So, sorry, I cannot help you.
  22. Locks through AFP will always behave otherwise than locks through SMB. That is totally independent of VW. See also following articles of Jim Wilson, which are not only useful in the case of project sharing. As for your other questions, sorry, I do not have any idea.
  23. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    Yes, that is interiorcad's XG Resource system. All 4 screenshots are typically of problems with the XG Resource system. Indeed its folder is inside VW user folder. There are a few typical problems with non-working XG Resource system. Most of the time it will not be solved by reinstalling (especially if there is something already in the user folder, e.g. a misconfigured setting). Of course write permission problems could be there, but mostly in that case, VW itself complains if the user folder is not allowed to be written before interiorcad complains.
  24. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    No, that is probably not the problem and installing it new will probably not solve it either. As the dialog tells interiorcad support should be contacted. (As this is a VW forum, not an interiorcad one, I will not get into the details.)
  25. Nicolas Goutte

    Error database was not accessible

    That is interiorcad, not VW. Therefore it is our support that you should contact.


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