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  1. Is it possible to assign a shortcut key to a button? for example, The dialog created by CreateLayout has a Place and a Cancel button. [Place] Place the object without closing the dialog. Assign the P key as a shortcut. I know how to prevent the dialog from closing when -1 is specified in the event handler.
  2. Thank you for reply understood. I will consider whether to ask the user for the xattr command or to distribute it with a signed and notarized DMG.
  3. Download the zip with a browser such as Safari. Force the downloaded user to use the xattr command? Is it possible to solve it by executing the xattr command and then uploading it to the Internet?
  4. I want to make a Plug-in that works with VW2021 and Big sur 11.4. If I build the sample "TesterModule" as is, it works on High Sierra 10.12.6, but not on Big sur 11.4. Gatekeeper cannot be executed via the Internet because the developer is unknown. It works when I build it myself and use it myself. I think the problem is that the developer is unknown. If you try to set Development Signing (Code Signing) in Xcode, the developer will not be unknown, but it will be an "incompatible plug-in" and will not be recognized. What should i do? There are several build environments. 1) Big sur 11.4 Xcode 12.5 2) High Sierra 10.12.6 Xcode 8.1
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