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  1. Is there a way to batch select by line length? I tried the select similar tool but line length isn't an option. Same result in the data visualization options. When working with product DWGs, they are often cumbersome due to the detail needed for manufacturing or from exporting. If I could batch select lines under 2mm and delete them, it would cut a lot of the bloat.
  2. VW2021 Naming Scheme in Publishing > File Export Options doesn't seem to be working. No matter which option I select, it will only publish with a file name as Sheet#SheetTitle
  3. @Kevin McAllister A widget would be very helpful. I'm not sure how to move this to the wishlist, but I would vote for that.
  4. More to the point, this is a workaround I've used in the past: Create a sacrificial basic 3D cube and position it as needed. Then you can use the flat surfaces of the cube to rotate on any of the axis' more easily.
  5. Another possibility: Create a cone, Create draped surface over the cone, then perform solid subtractions to the surface for the door, hole at the top, shaping the bottom.
  6. @jeff prince Excellent design! I can see the skate ramp influence 🛹
  7. @jeff prince A few times a year, designers will come with rough sketches which aren't always based in reality. On the engineering side, I need to find a way to move the sketches into real world builds. Breaking a complex curve down into some rough 2D shapes generally produces what we need to start working on a solution. Rhino looks like a great option. I did a little digging in C4D with no luck, but I'm not that versed with all the capabilities either. Thanks! @Art V
  8. @jeff prince Very helpful - the video clearly explains the issue. Thanks I don't have Rhino. I'm guessing VW doesn't have it, but do you know if Cinema4D has a "squish" like command as seen at 25:00?
  9. @jeff prince Not sure what you mean. It's a NURBS surface. If the surface (selected in the screenshot) was only curved on a single plane, 3D Power Pack > Unfold Surface would accomplish the task. As the surface is curved on two planes, that command won't work.
  10. Anyone know how to flatten a complex curve into 2D shapes that preserve dims/area? Example below. Using the extract tool, I can pull a face from the 3D which results in a NURBS surface. In 3D Power Pack, Unfold Surfaces only wants to work on a surface with a curve in one dimension. Any tips on how to unfold a twisted surface?
  11. That did it thanks. Didn't notice that button on the right - push pull combine.
  12. Is there a way to turn off the automatic solid addition/subtraction feature new to 2021?
  13. User error... It was pulling the info from DL viewports as well.
  14. I've created worksheets pulling data from symbol records. They've been working fine for the past few months. All of sudden it's populating each symbols data three times. Anyone seen this before - have a solution?
  15. @tsw There is probably a better way to do it, but this might work for your need. If you attempt to delete the reference file in the navigation palette, there is a pop up that prompts you to decide what will happen to the referenced contents. One of the options is import into the current document. This may result in a very large file, but you won't have to track down reference files 😉
  16. @David Meagher Gray the layers that you don't want to change. You will be able to see them for reference, but you won't be able to effect change to any objects living on those layers.
  17. @Dishav Vasudev I tried playing with the location settings with the same result. Under the 'conversion' category, there is an option to 'Convert all objects to 2D'. That worked!
  18. Anyone ever see this issue? Know a cause/solution? The file is fine in AutoCAD, but importing into Vectorworks messes with the arcs. All of the attributes are correct, except they've been given different start/end points.
  19. @Pat Stanford That's a bummer it can't happen in a single cell. Thanks for the workaround.
  20. I'm attempting to write a formula in a worksheet that amends some math with text. In excel, the formula would look like this: =(A1*A2) & "A" VW doesn't seem to like the & "A" part Any help would be appreciated
  21. Looking for some assistance with creating worksheet formulas. I'm attempting to nest some multipliers in a SUM formula and can't quite find the right way. My failed attempt: =SUM(B2..(B3*2)..(B4*3))
  22. The data tag tool does almost exactly what I need, but it has a physical connection to the symbol. I need the symbol and the tag to exist independently so if I move the symbol it won't cause the tag to move. Any thoughts on how/if this could be done with a marionette network?
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