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  1. I'm having the same problem. Is there any update on this? I'm running. IOS 11.1 VW 2021 SP2.1
  2. Thanks all. Not soon after I posted this like Boh said, it occurred to me to turn off the other layers. However, it would be helpful at times to be able to see and reference other layers when making large edits like these.
  3. I know Layer Options: Show/Snap/Modify Others lets you select and modify anything, regardless of layer. Is there any easy way to exclude some layers from this? For Example, my set designer just rotated the set 180 degrees on the sound stage after I've completed my light plot. I'd like to grab, my lighting layers and the set layers, but not the stage and pipe grid layers and then rotate 180. There most be an easy way to do this that doesn't involve rotating and re-aligning dozens of layers, one at a time. Thank you
  4. I get the same error. This just started happening to me too. I can not create a new legend or edit existing ones without getting that script error. I'm not so sure how I'm supposed to draft my current show. 🤔
  5. I'm in 2019 SP2 Build 463397 for Mac. The Fixture inventory seems really buggy. Some Fixture Symbols keep disappearing off the Symbol Key. Plus, the Typical Fixture Legend, and Color Summary isn't working at all. It won't output a gel cut list for my Master Elec, I'm going to have to do it manually. Thank god this is a small show!
  6. According to Nemetschek I?m one of three people who for some unexplained reason own a laptop that V12 isn?t stable on. They?ve admitted they don?t test their programs on laptops, but are aware of the problem. It seems to be graphics related, but the laptop is equipped with well above the memory required for the program as are the other two machines having trouble. I?m running V12 on a Dell Inspiron one of the other two machines is a Dell of a different model and the third is a Sony Viao. All three laptops have different graphic cards and therefore no clear thread as to what?s causing the same problem on all three machines. Nemestchek was nice enough to send me a copy of 11.5 while they try to find an answer, and I hope (wink wink) if they don?t fix the problem by V13 they?ll be nice enough not to charge me for the upgrade. Now back to the zoom/pan commands; I switched over from Acad when I purchased V12 Spotlight and the mouse scroll wheel has been functioning as the zoom/pan (like in V12) since at least ACAD 98 so you can see where that function is pretty well ingrained in my mind. -Dave
  7. I've started in VW 12 and had to downgrade to 11.5. In VW 11.5 can I set the scroll wheel on my mouse to zoom and pan like in 12? -Dave Meagher
  8. Okay, First off, I?d like to thank everyone for their suggestions. All of my computer drivers are up to date, I?ve upped my Ram to 1.25 gigs, closed all other applications and the crashes or freezes (whatever you want to call them) continue. It isn?t in an isolated file or any particular command. The only thing Vectorworks is doing consistently for me is freezing up in less than 10 minutes. This was a fun experiment buying Vectorworks, it seems to have a lot of neat abilities that Acad is surely lacking, but the most important one however, would be running without incident which it isn?t doing for me. In fact it is completely useless to me in its current state. Can I get my money back now so I can buy the newest version of Autocad? David Meagher I?m Running: Vectorwork Spotlight 12 Windows XP Professional (its up to date) Dell Inspiron 8600
  9. I've posted a comment about this under the general board but I'm having the same problem on my Dell Inspiron running XP Profesional. The crashes or 'freezes' are so frequent for me I've just returned to using AutoCad. Can't wait for the next patch to be released -Dave
  10. Thanks for your comments. My computer is up to date, I've upgraded my ram to 1.25 gigs, and I've closed all other applications, but the crashes contintue. I've isolated the actions during the crashes; 9 out of 10 of the of them happen while moving Lighting Fixtures. I don't get an error message, usually the sandglass comes up and doesn't go away. After a couple minutes I'll hit control-alt-delete and it'll tell me Vectorworks isn't responding, and every 5th crash or so it'll lock up my entire computer and I'll be forced to do a hard reboot. -Dave
  11. I'm a recent convert to Spotlight 12 from ACAD, and I love the features so far however, Vectorworks Spotlight 12 seems to freeze or completely lock up my computer every 90 minutes or so. I haven't had ACAD crash on me since its V12. Do I just need to get use to this or is it not jiving with my system well? I'm running a Dell Inspiron 8600 w/1.3GHz and 512 MB RAM and XP Professional Is it something silly like disable my antivirus program or does vectorworks not like Centrino procesors? -David
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