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  1. The programmer of the CAM solution solved the problem instantly by implementing subfolder browsing to the Import Plugin. Anyway i think it would be nice to have the option to disable creating the folder if possible ( i.e. if no hatches, fills etc. are exported)
  2. Hello, Is there a way to prevent VW (2016) from creating a new folder for each DXF Export? If i export without fills or hatches i dont see a reason to create a new folder for each file. My CAM programs "Quick File import" doesnt search into sub- folders, so i always have to dive into the subdirectories manually- thats a little annoing. I hope there is a solution- if not please add this to the wish list smile. Thank you and Kind Regards, Hannes _________________________ Hannes Lackner Joinery++Tyrol/Austria
  3. quote: Originally posted by the pang: I really need a tublular light. Like a flourscent or neon. It doesn't look the same to line up other lights in a row. Yessssssss please;-))) -Hannes
  4. quote: Originally posted by DaveF: 5. v9.5.2 - in vectorscript editor there appears to no right click & paste - is this correct? You have to use the keyboard shortcut for cut and paste. Hannes
  5. hello, You can use the "edit" command to enter the extrude's profilegroup ( or the Path, of course) and move the profile(s) to the correct position. HTH, Hannes
  6. quote: This would be great for 3D piping, 3D handrails and other such things. I think what is really needed for that is a 3-D pipe plug-in. The plug-in would have a 3-D path, created from a (degree 1) nurbs curve, and a radius and diameter value. The plug-in would generate a pipe of the given diameter corresponding with the provided path, putting in curved pieces at the corners.. I made a Plugin for such purposes, unfortunately it has one small bug. If the bug is eliminated maybe i will consider to make the tool availlable to others. Kind Regards, Hannes [ 09-25-2002, 07:58 AM: Message edited by: Hannes ]
  7. Hi, no dumb question. Most PIOs in VW 9 are code protected so you can't edit them. What you can do is to copy a PIO from VW 8 into VW 9. Note that some code will not work without editing.HTH, Hannes [ 08-14-2002: Message edited by: Hannes ]
  8. Kathie, Andrew, he talks about the extruded rectangle tool, not a extruded rectangle;-) Jono, the extruded rectangle tool creates a mesh, not a extrudet rectangle. It's not a good name for this tool...Best in my opinion is to draw a rectangle and extrude it, then you can edit just as Kathie mentioned. HTH, Hannes [ 06-12-2002: Message edited by: Hannes ]
  9. quote: Originally posted by CipesDesign: You can try extruding the line(s) to a minimal value (1/64"?) PLC You can extrude with a value of '0' or use the 3d polygon tool. In Autocad EACH object you draw is 3d.VW has 2d and 3d objects, sorry, i don't know about the reason.
  10. quote: Originally posted by BiplabNNA: Yes, we have tapered extrude along path in our future plans. So is the split screen. Thanks. Great to hear this!!!
  11. Yes, a great thing! Thanks for the good work you've done! -Hannes [ 04-10-2002: Message edited by: Hannes ]
  12. quote: Originally posted by colin smart: I have VW 9.5 - people are referring to version 9.5.1 - where do I download the update, or is 9.5.1 the same as 9.5?Go to www.nemetschek.net and you can't overlook the link to the updater
  13. quote: Originally posted by ed: Hello,have someone a scriptthat if you select a object than it's goesdirect to the right layer. thanks Ed Hi Ed, try the one below. You can run it from a cript palette or put the code into a menu command or a Tool. HTH, Hannescopy all below the line:************************************************** Procedure setActiveLayer; {Hannes Lackner 2002, Hannes Lackner@aon.at, free for everyone. This script allows the user to pick a object, then the object's Layer willbe set to active layer} VARH:Handle;BoolMouse:Boolean;px,py:Real;LOptions:Integer;LName:String; Begin LOptions:=GetLayerOptions;SetLayerOptions(5);{<<<sets the Layer options temporarily to show/snap/modify other's, because the Object you want to select may be on a Layer which is current not editable} GetPt(pX, pY); h:=PickObject(pX, pY); IF h<> Nil Then Begin LName:=GetLName(GetLayer(h)); Layer(LName); AlrtDialog(Concat('Active Layer is: ',LName)); END Else Begin AlrtDialog('SET ACTIVE LAYER TOOL: no object was selected, please try again');END; SetLayerOptions(LOptions);{<<<reset the Layer Option} END; Run(setActiveLayer);
  14. quote: Originally posted by maxxhdrm: Another new user question. Thanks in advance for the patience. I added an object "Simple Door 2" into a room layout drawing, but needed to resize it to fit the scale. Couldn't figure out a way to make it the right size. Tried the resize/fixed point tool, but that didn't work.Is there a way to do this?Thanks again! The simple door2 is a Pluginobject, which means that you can change size, style etc. by changing the parameter in the Objectinfo palette. HTH,Hannes
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