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  1. Thanks guys that worked a treat Jono
  2. The lines are definately placed by someone they are not the working 'grid' that is a part of the pregramme. The odd thing is I have found which class they belong to and when I turned it off I also lost a whole bunch of other stuff in the same class, but I can't seem to highlight the lines to delete them . !!.. just a bit frustrating is all ... I will try the things you have suggested tho' and will work on my own start to finish design to try and get the hang of it all. Thanks for all your help Jono
  3. That's great thanks guys. What did work was double clicking on the viewport and choosing design layer, thanks Peter. One problem still persists tho' ... the drawing has got lots of 'big' gridlines still on it, if I turn off the classes it gets rid of them but some are attributed to some of the objects which I need, so if I turn them off everything dissapears !! I'll work it out I'm sure but any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks alot Jono
  4. Having just upgraded to 11.5 on my MAC I having a great deal of difficulty trying to work on a new layer. I have imported an AutoCAD drawing and can only view it as a 'sheet', when I try to redraw on it and save the object in a new layer, it dissapears !!! I also have a scaling problem...if I take say a staircase from the rtesoruce pallette and put it on the drawing the scale is way out of proportion to the drawing .. I thought that may have some influence on the layeering problem ? I hope this makes sense to someone that can help me out Thanks alot
  5. Thanks Mathew ... I'll give it a shot and let you know Jono
  6. Mathew, Ive already d/loaded 9.5.2 but it hasn't solved the problem. I guess I should d/load a driver from the HASP site ? Which one should I D/load ? I am currently running OSX 10.1.5. Thanks alot Jono
  7. I too are have problems with the Dongle !! I have a G4 powerbook with OSX . As I am on the road a lot I am continually plugging in and out. However, whenever I plug the Dongle back in I have to restart my machine !! Surely this can't be the way it should work ? Any help aprreciated Jono
  8. I operate from a G4 Powerbook..ie always on the move ...is there a simple way of getting VW to recognise the Dongle without having to restart everytime ?? Any tips appreciated Jono
  9. Magic...thanks guys. Hannes was right, where I was getting it wrong was I was trying to draw it with the 3D extruded rectangle tool, not the 2D one and then extruding it...it seems I've now got it wired !! Thanks alot guys
  10. Thanks guys...I'll give it a shot and get back to you Jono
  11. I can't understand exactly what is happening. Once the rectangle is formed, with the Z height, Iif I click on 'edit height' I still can't get the x and y values to appear so I can edit their valuse in OI, I only seem to get the position of the box on the drawing. What am I doing wrong ???
  12. Hi Katie ... I seem to be missing something !! If I create a rectangle with the extruded rectangle tool, I get prompted to put in a Z dimension. The problem then comes if I want to alter any dimension. The X and Y dimension in the OI box is one of the poisition of the rectangle, not of its properties ... I use the programme a lot but have only just got into creating 3D models so haven't come across this problem before, I've tried all sorts of things but ...seem to be missing a very important point somewhere. I tried 'Ungrouping' but that made no difference. Hope you can make sense of this? Jono
  13. I am having a problem editing a 3D rectangle. I want to edit the X and Y measurement and I also want to stipulate a height to where I want it to start ie: a 'Z bottom' measurement .... it sounds a really simple thing to do but I can't figure it out. Any help appreciated Jono


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