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  1. Bah. Well then that leads me to my next request. a Student licence upgrade to 10. So far there isnt one and i have to buy a full version again.
  2. I cant find out how to do this... so i am guessin its not in there Would be really useful and can add the exra depth to drawings. so please please please would be even more usefull if you added it to 9.5 for free 9.5.4 anyone
  3. vectorworks would do well to do a linux port in my eyes. so far there is no big CAD program for linux. so the market is waiting for one. There must be lots of architecutral practises out there thatwould love to run there businesses on a stable operating system with a great cad app.
  4. yes that is what i want!!! cant believe the responce to this thread i was expecting about 1 reply not 8 !!! glad to see i am not the only one who would like to see this feature. somethign i find a bit lacking in the program and would certainly make my work a lot easier and faster
  5. Would like a grey/snap others layer feature. it gets a bit confusing as to whats on your layer when you want to snap to the other one sometimes.
  6. 3ds is a nice standard format that many apps import and export. not many apps export and import IGES files. as for dwg and dxf... 3ds and LWO are a lot smaller and arent limited to 3 sided polygons
  7. i know that these are slowly being improved but stil missing a LOT would love to see a .3DS import/export i know this doesnt really appeal to you mac users but a lot of architects out there use 3Ds MAX for rendering and going to be even more so with the likes of final render and brazil being released for MAX also a LWO import/export Lightwave is also used by a lot of architects for rendering and detail mdeling. Also this has a mac and pc comunity so would serve a lot of vectorworks users especailly myself.
  8. I too would love a linux port. it is probably the only program i come into windows from linux to use and is really anoying. Vectorworks wont work in linux atm under WINE as it doesnt read the dongle properly. so all that would really be needed would be dongle drivers for linux but a full port would be best. as for mac...... people who already have a pc and have invested money into a pc computer would like a linux port . some of us could only just afford a pc and a copy of vectorworks we cant afford to shell out for a copy of vectorworks mac and a mac its self. so lets here it for linux!!! would a linux port really be hard to acchive? isnt Mac os X freeBSD with a few snippets so surly most of the code for linux is already there. also you must be coding parts of it in linux
  9. i too have come across the same problem. all i can say is that you have to work around it. create a new layer for the rafter as vectorworks seems to regard the bottom line as a limit. so inoder for anything to be under it it need to be in a layer withint that hight restraint. also whats all this with feet and inches. MILLIMETERS architects!!!!!!!
  10. Hello i am an english based student who bought a student release of vectorworks 9.5 and i was wondering if there was going to be an ungrade so i can upgrade my student edition to version 10. i rang up my distributor but they said that they didnt have anything on there lists to do such a thing. Do i have to buy a new student edition for every version or is there an upgrade????? thanks
  11. AMO

    Future Plans

    How about future plans of a *.3ds or a *.lwo or *.obj split screens is also a must have With all this it looks like vectorworks could brew into an amazing cad/3d program. Just dont go over the top and add radiosity and weight maps and such
  12. Thank you very much I cant believe i didnt spot that never mind problem solved now.thank you very much
  13. Hello Sorry about this. i am new to vectorworks, though i think i have been picking it up quite quickly though i do think i will have to invest in somepaper manuals as they dont seem to like giving them away to student releases. Anyway heres the question.. : is there anyway to have snap to object on a different layer? even if it is only the layer below? thank you
  14. Hello I have just bought an educational version of Vectorworks architect in england. I receved a version 9.5 and a dongle and a serial number. Serial number says ' vectorworks architect 9' on the sticker I quickly rushed to install it only to be hugely dissapointed with the fact that it didnt work. when the dongle is not pluged in it runs into demo mode. 'No problem' i thought.But when the dongle is pluged in it runs to a serial number input screen. which says vectorworks not vectorworks architect like it thought it would. And when i key in my serial it says invalid format and rufuses to take it. Have i done something wrong or have i been sent the wrong serial or dongle?
  15. yeah, i was just about to say that katie...... " just what she said ^^^^ the nurbs things is a auto, signiture. i will change it just for you though... though i have had a few emails from it.saying ... 1. men are polygon, quick and easy to understand. < from a guy2. women are nurbs are they are really slow and take up too much of your time. <- from a guy3. men are polygons as they are easyer to manipulate <- from a lady.
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