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  1. I've been trying to get a text box with 4 lines of text to export correctly to .dwg. Everything else in the drawing is fine (thanks for the post about the baseline setting) but all the text in this box collapses onto one line. That is, all lines on top of each other. OSX VW 9.5.0 (I'll D/L the update-I'm just getting into it) G4PB-Mucho RAM/HD space Font-Arial Narrow (styled bold), but also tried w/plain Geneva w/same result
  2. Another new user question. Thanks in advance for the patience. I added an object "Simple Door 2" into a room layout drawing, but needed to resize it to fit the scale. Couldn't figure out a way to make it the right size. Tried the resize/fixed point tool, but that didn't work. Is there a way to do this? Thanks again!
  3. I am a new user, but can't find this referenced anywhere: I tried to include my logo (orig. .eps file created in Illustrator) in an info box on a drawing. Everything else looked OK on re-import of the .dwg file, but no logo. Is there a way to do this? P.S. It was scaled @ .75 if that makes a difference. Thanks
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