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    It is possible via Vectorscript. I wrote some scripts long ago to do this. You can find them on this page: http://www.vectordepot.com/older_plug-ins.html Look for Set URL/Goto URL Two menu commands to link URLs to items in the drawing and then go to those URLs when the item is selected. Works with any valid URL including websites and files. Near the top of the page.
  2. Greetings Vectorworkers, Petri Sakkinen has donated a nice set of three tools to draw geometry with double lines. The three tools will draw double circles, rectangles and polygons. These full featured tools allow setting the spacing between the lines, swapping the offset, capping of polygons and more. You can enter the distance between lines graphically or specify a measurement in the object info palette. Grab a copy of these time savers today. They can be found in our free PIO downloads section Vector Depot - Plug-ins
  3. Our host was hit by some low level hackers. No real harm done. A few on the sites on the host we share had their main pages replaced with the hacker nonsense. I have been assured this won't happen again and obviously I will keep an eye on it.
  4. I am pleased to note the following submissions from two veteran VW developers. Contours This tool set aids in the creation of site plans and site models. It allows creation of Contour objects that can be used on their own or in conjunction with other VW entities to create site models. It also has utilities to quickly convert existing entities, perhaps from an imported topo drawing, into Contour objects quickly generating site graphics and/or models. Contours is available in the Vector Depot Market for $20 Producer's Pack This long time favorite is now available through the Vector Depot Market Lanru Design's Producer's Pack is a full suite of tools for the event and entertainment design industry. Featuring 11 popular tools including: Video Screen to create video devices with configurable screen images Soft Goods creates models of curtains, scrims and borders Staging Tool Set models many types of stages and risers Stage Lifts models crank type stage lifts Producer's Pack is the premier package for the event design pro and is available now in the Vector Depot Market for $115 We have added many free items recently as well. Our most recent addition is Wall Openings which creates various types of wall openings. This handy tool is perfect when you need an opening without a door or trim. Openings can feature several top styles as well as curved openings. You can find Wall Openings in the Plug-ins section of the site. Thanks to all our contributors for supporting the site and the Vectorworks community in general. If you have something to contribute please get in touch Patrick B. McConnell patrick@vectordepot.com Vector Depot
  5. I have recently released a new plug-in for Vectorworks that I think many users will find useful. Bookshelf allows you to keep a reference library within your Vectorworks drawings. You can create unlimited libraries each linking to various drawings, documents, web sites, anything you can think of. Use Bookshelf to organize your office standards, project specifications, drawing sets and manufacturers web sites and many, many more resources. What you link to is up to you. If your computer can open the file, Bookshelf will organize it and keep a handy link to it. Create libraries as specific or general as you like. The possibilities are limitless. The early reviews are in and I am pleased to report Bookshelf is being well received Konstrukshon CPD Weblog - This is one plugin you will want to purchase and at $20 its just a no brainer, with the time you will save. Full review here. Jonathan Pickup, ArchonCAD - Bookshelf has been a real time saver, and I'm not going to use Vectorworks with out it. I highly recommend bookshelf, go buy it. Full review here. Bookshelf is $20 and available now in the Vector Depot Market
  6. FYI I downloaded the demo version of BeamChek and tried it in my VirtualBox setup. Seems to work fine. I didn't push it but there should be no reason it doesn't work in any of these virtual environments. I am on OS X 10.6.3. VirtualBox is the latest edition and is hosting a copy of Windows 2000.
  7. If you only need straight line segments I have a tool on the Vector Depot site that will let you place text or symbols into the line. It isn't quite automatic (you have to set the number of instances of your letter) but it will do something like the example mar showed above Check the bottom of this page for the Broken Line plug-in http://www.vectordepot.com/older_plug-ins.html'>http://www.vectordepot.com/older_plug-ins.html p. Patrick McConnell http://www.vectordepot.com
  8. I use SketchUp all the time. I use it for design models and for 3d sketches in construction documents. In many ways it is quicker than doing the same things in VW. Yes, VW can do everything SU does but there is a simple elegance to the way you do it in SU that is difficult to understand until you have tried it. They have just about nailed the user interface thing. I would love to see VW add some SU features.
  9. I know I am coming into this late but here is another trick that might be helpful to people who are afraid of editing scripts. Select a fill to use in your wall such as Gray Solid Hatch. You will notice that the resource browser now shows this hatch since VW creates it on the fly for use with the wall tool. You can then delete this hatch in the resource browser and rename any other hatch with the exact same name (i.e Gray Solid Hatch.) Once you have replaced the hatch the walls will be drawn with the new hatch. Yes, it is a hack but it may be helpful to some.
  10. I am coming into this discussion very late but I am curious if people are aware that they can edit all the settings of the setup tools? You can create your own set of sheets/classes/layers to your standards. You are free to set it up as you wish. Yes it is a bit complex at first but once you understand how the tools work it is easy to get a setup that works the way you wish. Have a look at the file called VA Setup Data in your plug-ins->Common->Data folder. Appendix B of the VWA manual explains how to adjust this file to meet your needs.
  11. You have many valid points there. I can point you to third party solutions to some of your points. 6) Super Leader will do custom arrowheads and much more. 8) Classigner, Class Strugle, Class Utilities and Layer Option Tools all provide improved tools for class/layer management. 10) mouse wheel support is improved in VW 10. All of the third party tools I mentioned can be found at Vector Depot.
  12. You may be interested in a PIO that is available in the Vector Depot Market. See the Super Leader PIO. Item No. vm-006 http://www.vectordepot.com/market.shtml
  13. The Clone PIO tool will copy the settings of one PIO and paste them into another. This is similar to the eyedropper tool. To use it: 1. Select the Clone PIO tool. The prompt will read 'Pick Object to Clone.' 2.Select the object whose properties you wish to copy. 3. A message window will appear prompting you to select the 'target object.' Select the object you want to paste the previously selected PIO settings into. The second PIO selected should then have the same settings as the first. In some cases, such as doors and windows NOT in walls it will depend on where you select the object. If you select the door itself the settings may not take. With these types of objects you must select the jamb of the door or window. Hope this helps.
  14. There is also a PIO at Vector Depot that does what you are looking for and a bit more. It is called broken line and allows placing text and other items into a line.
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